Molly-Anne’s ‘In Your Dreams’ out now!

Molly-Anne has quickly become one of our favourite artists here at Belles and Gals. Last year she grabbed our attention with her debut E.P. ‘Glow’, which was followed up by her equally excellent ‘Songs of the South’ EP. It seems that it wasn’t only our attention that was grabbed too, as Molly-Anne has announced this week that she’ll be playing at the 2019 Country 2 Country festival. 

Now the south-west of England based artist is back with a brand new single ‘In Your Dreams’. The song, as the title suggests, has a wonderful, dreamy vibe, while Molly-Anne’s soulful country sound adds a real beauty to the track. I caught up with Molly-Anne this week to ask her about the song, her upcoming Country 2 Country appearance and plans for 2019!

You’ve really kicked off 2019 with a bang with the brilliant and beautiful ‘In Your Dreams’? What can you tell us about the song?
In Your Dreams is a beautiful lullaby, written by the amazing Andy Baker, a good friend of mine and one of my key producers. I don’t usually release songs I haven’t written but when Andy pitched it to me I felt it go through my bones and touch my heart and I knew it spoke to me in a different way. It was written for Andy’s baby girl, as a sweet lullaby to send her off to sleep, the lyrics and music are dreamy and ‘other-worldly’ to enhance this further.

We were delighted to see you were announced to play at the Country 2 Country Festival next month? How excited were you when you found out?
Over the moon! This will be our first C2C and we’re attending as a full band. We’ll be playing slots on the ICON stage on the Saturday and Sunday, so please do come along and support us as we’ll need a bunch of friendly faces there to cheer us on! I’m so excited, the atmosphere leading up to the festival is fully electric, I just can’t wait to get stuck in.

In 2018 you released two fantastic EPs in ‘Glow’ and ‘Songs from the South’. Is your 2019 shaping up to be as busy?
2019 is looking good! We’re working on an album at the moment, ready for release later on this year plus I’m planning on releasing a music video to narrate In Your Dreams in the next few weeks so look out for that. I’ll be on tour with Danny McMahon in late March, which we’re both so excited for, plus festival season is shaping up to be a good one! Keep your eyes on my website as I’ll be announcing some exciting dates soon!

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