Introducing Megan Lee

It’s always fantastic to feature an artist for the first, although this ‘intoducing’ piece features an artist who we’ve featured a number of times as part of ‘Blue Genes’, a family trio from Wales. Today we’re focusing on the burgeoning solo career of teenage Megan Lee, who is quickly making a fantastic name for herself on the UK country scene.

Hi Megan, If you had to describe your sound to anyone who hasn’t heard you before, what words would you use?

I would say my sound has a lot of traditional country influence. My sound is quite organic, I like acoustic instrumentation and mellow tones with a dash of sass. I love folk and bluegrass music and I think it’s that rootsy feel that comes across in my music.

Your career started (and continues) with the Blue Genes – your family band! It must be amazing to have been involved in the music industry from such a young age?

In fairness I’ve never known any different, my mum was still performing til 2 weeks before she gave birth to me and then a few months later started back. When she and dad would do covers gigs at family friendly venues I would come along. If they had a run of those gigs during the summer months it would be a musical family road trip. I was 18 months old the first time I joined them on stage, it feels like home to be in front of an audience because I grew up on that stage.
Blue Genes was initially my idea, my parents asked me what I would like to do with the music I was already making. I was 10 years old, playing guitar, writing and singing songs. I told them I wanted a family country band. In my mind I could learn from the seasoned musicians on stage with me and gain experience for my future. Its worked out pretty well, I’ve written and recorded 2 top 20 EP’s, performed at some of the best country events in the U.K and had a taste of the hard work it takes to be a successful musician. I consider myself very fortunate to get such a great grounding in the music industry.

And if you had to pick out a particular highlight from your career so far, what would it be?

I mean as I mentioned we’ve done some really great shows. I suppose a highlight for me on a solo basis would be when I was asked to join the cast of ‘A Country night in Nashville’ for a one off performance. I really enjoyed performing in such a large theatre, having such a tentative audience and the professionalism of the crew around me. Dominic Halpin and the cast were so welcoming and supportive, it felt very magical.

And which artists would you say have had an influence in your career?

Well my mum has played country music to me since the day I was born. She’s a huge fan of the Dixie Chicks so the album ‘Home’ was the soundtrack to many childhood road trips. As I explored music I really enjoyed the sounds of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Alison Kraus, Kacey Musgraves, Hank Williams, Holly Williams and Eva Cassidy. I find their music and their story telling inspirational. I love an authentic and honest style of music.

If you could play the perfect gig, where would it be, and which artist would join you on stage for a duet?

I know most country musicians would say the Opry or the Ryman…. But for me I think I’d like to play The Bluebird cafe. I love the intimate performances! The history of the venue and the artists who started their career there is humbling. If I could choose one person to duet with me I think it would be Tyler Childers. I’m such a big fan of his music.

Tell us something completely random about yourself?

I’m pretty obsessed with the Disney Character Stitch! I have so many stitch clothes and merchandise it’s unreal. He reminds me that even small and cute people can be mighty ?

To finish, tell us about your hopes and plans for 2019, and tell us where we can find you on social media.

Well you can find me on Facebook, I now have a YouTube channel for my solo music, I’d love it if everyone subscribed. I have Instagram and Soundcloud too! I’m currently working on my debut solo EP which may in fact become an album. I have the pleasure of recording it with Stuart Landon who I have so much faith in and respect for. Stuart has recruited some world class musicians for the record so I’m so excited to share my own original music with everyone in 2019. Hopefully you may catch me at a show this year too.

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