Natascha Myers ‘Wanted Man’ Out Now!

What better way to celebrate a Thursday than by introducing you to another new artist! Today is the first time we’ve featured Natascha Myers, who released her debut single ‘Wanted Man’ last Friday. 

The song is a co-write between Natascha and Paige Rose and produced by Leigh Houison and Chris Condon (LFT Studios). Natascha states: ‘Paige and I wrote “Wanted Man” as a love letter, of sorts. There is a special kind of heartbreak associated with loving someone that loves someone else, and we sought to capture that in this song. Although it is one big metaphor, our goal was to envision that I had the chance to be right across from said unrequited lover and just wanted to say it how it is. So here I am: Saying it how it is.’

Wanted Man is an atmospheric track with references to the wild west throughout, with the instrumentation only adding to that western feel (the pedal steel has a pleasing prominence!), while the song has an energy and an attitude to it which is delivered perfectly by the vocals of Natascha Myers.

Check out the ‘About’ page on Natascha’s website (, which tells an amazing story of how music became a career for Natashcha – here’s an excerpt. 

Natascha grew up in Waterloo, Iowa, where the sweet corn tastes like candy and the growing up is just as sweet. “People always look at me sympathetically when I tell them where I’m from,” Natascha jokes, “but I have Iowa (and family) to thank for being passionate about strangers’ stories, the value of a hard day’s work, and how to keep both feet on the ground when you need to.”

Her first performance at the age of three? ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads.’ By nine, cantoring at Sunday morning mass allowed music to became more prevalent in her life.

Taking guitar lessons from her fourth-grade teacher and playing in the church band every week (“We called ourselves G5. Five girls. We thought we were so cool, playing hymns for the entire school in our Catholic school uniforms,” Natascha laughs). Being cast as a female adaptation of Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in eighth grade. Writing her first song at 13 (“It was called ‘Blue Eyes,’ and it was flat out awful. I can still sing it to this day, with a cringe or two”). Before long, she was cast as the lead in the high school musical Footloose. You can often find those same bright red cowboy boots when you see her onstage today.

Music has always held a place in Natascha’s life, but it was never meant to be a career path. October 24, 2012 changed all of that. “I’ll never forget it. The world wouldn’t stop spinning. I had never wished it would. This was the start of a 423 day headache. I missed most of my senior year of high school while they tried to figure out what could be wrong. Spinal taps, MRIs, hospital stays, and so on.”

“Music is the reason I’m still here. It may sound melodramatic, but it’s far from it. I had a playlist on my iPod called ‘Lifeline,’ and I had filled it with all of the songs that kept me from letting go. Literally, my lifeline. In every waiting room, during every test, that playlist was playing.”


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