Best of British Showcase #8 – Kezia Gill

Welcome to a new series on Belles and Gals where Nick Cantwell ( will be highlighting some of the very best acts on the UK country music scene, casting an eye over their music and chatting to the artists too. The series continues today with the wonderful Kezia Gill!

If you’re looking for an artist whose star has truly been on the rise in the last couple of years, Kezia Gill fits the bill perfectly. Her self titled debut album ‘Kezia’ was released in 2017 and that album, as well as a string of fantastic live performances has seen Kezia become one of the standout artists on the UK scene, with awards rightfully swinging Kezia’s way too – Kezia was named ‘Best Solo Artist’ in the 2018 British Country Music Awards. This year saw the release of her brilliant brand new single ‘Thirties’ too, a song you simply have to turn up and rock out to – while Kezia Gill also headed out to Australia as part of the Buckle and Boots tour in January.

I caught up with Kezia for a chat this week!

Hi Kezia! It’s been quite a 12 months in your career, which included you winning the ‘People’s Choice Award for best Soloist at the BCMA’s! How much do nods like these mean to an artist, and do they give you added confidence going forward?

They absolutely do! There’s no rule book or template to follow with music. When I write songs, my only frame of reference is wether I like them or not! That’s why it’s so special when other people acknowledge your efforts. It assures you that you’re doing something right, and that your hard work is with it.

You started off 2019 with a bang with the Buckle and Boots tour of Australia! How fantastic was that experience? Has it changed your outlook as an artist at all?

It certainly set the bar for 2019!! It was the most amazing experience of my life. Not only have I never really been on tour, but I’d never been to Australia so it was just awesome. I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. I’d say the whole experience over there filled me with inspiration to keep writing and performing. I want to play to bigger audiences and tour other countries, and it’s really made me want to work hard to achieve it.

Kezia Gill performing ‘They Fall’ in Tamworth, New South Wales, as part of the Buckle and Boots Tour of Australia

You released your new single ‘Thirties’ at the end of January, a brilliant up tempo, thumping and fun track. How did the song come about?

‘Thirties’ was born from my general moaning!! Ha! Being 31 myself, I constantly found myself commenting on how I can’t do the things I used to do in my 20s, and how I feel like I’m getting old! It sparked the idea for the song and it was really fun to write. It’s had a great response because people can really relate to it. If you’re in your 30s…you’ll know what I’m talking about!!

Is this the start of a run of singles on 2019, or will there be another larger release on the horizon?

‘Thirties’ is the first single from my new EP. It is scheduled for release at the end of April (official date to be announced very soon!) I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!


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