Belles and Gals Launch Official Spotify Account with new Playlists

Belles and Gals have launched our first official Spotify account this week with a series of playlists! Leading the way is our ‘New Music Friday’ playlist, featuring the standout tracks from the latest releases, be they singles, EPs or albums.

Joining this weekly updated playlist are a series of playlists from the team members at Belles and Gals. These will be a collection of each member of the team’s favourite songs by their favourite artist. Currently, three such playlists have launched!

Laura Klonowski’s playlist features great artists such as Sarah Darling, Ward Thomas, Carly Pearce and Lady Antebellum:

Nick Cantwell has gone for a UK feel to his playlist, featuring 19 songs from an assortment of artists from these shores, including Remember Monday, Hannah Paris, Kezia Gill, Katy Hurt and many more (including Belles and Gals ambassadors Lucy Grubb, Emily Frith and Becky Lawrence):

Mike Ross has taken a similar direction to Nick, in that he has gone for local artists in his playlist. Mike lives in Minnesota, so you can have a listen to a selection of Minnesota’s finest country artists in his playlist!


In the coming weeks expect more playlists to land on our account! As well as the new music Friday and individual playlists, expect to see further playlists based upon the biggest events in country music too. We’ll also be featuring occasional ‘follower generated’ playlists, where our social media followers can influence which songs appear.

To follow the Belles and Gals Spotify account – click here!

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