EXCLUSIVE: Hailey Miller Talks Debut Single ‘The One’

19 year-old Hailey Miller has been making serious waves in the Country Music world since making the move from her native Eugene, Oregon to Nashville in order to pursue her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter in the Country capital of the world.

The hard work and dedication to her craft is certainly paying off for the independent recording artist and on April 24th she will release his debut single ‘The One’.

Here we chat exclusively to Hailey to discuss the single in more depth ahead of its release later this month:

Growing up what was it about the Country genre that struck a chord with you?

I grew up loving and listening to all genres of music, but Country was one that always really resonated with me. I love the way it tells stories. I’m a big lyric gal, and I love how honest lyrics are just as important in Country music as a catchy melody or cool guitar lick.

When you were 11 you decided you would one day move to Nashville, what was it about the city that made you want to live there?

Nashville became a dream of mine at a really young age. It actually really surprised me when I finally got here and realized that not everyone had always dreamed of it being home like I had. Honestly, being that young I didn’t even know much about the city. I knew it was home to Country music, I knew that it played a big part in the stories of quite a few of my idols (Taylor Swift, LeAnne Rimes, Shania Twain, etc…), and I knew it was where tons of country music writers were based – but it was more of a gut feeling. Somehow I knew I was supposed to be there. I had never even been, but I became obsessed with it. Fast forward a bit… I graduated high school a year early, took on a full-time job as a legal assistant at only 17, saved as much money as I could for a little over a year, visited once before the move – and here we are.

You’re now a Nashville based artist, has it been everything you thought it would be when you were a child?

Absolutely! It’s been everything and more. I was kind of scared the city wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but I’ve been here about 8 months now and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. There are definitely things that are different than I’d imagined, but that was to be expected. The community is incredible and I feel so at home here.

How do you feel your musical style has developed since moving to the Capital of Country Music?

Back home, I was used to hearing specifically radio and top charts Country, which is great…but it tends to be the same artists over and over. Since moving, I’ve found myself surrounded by so many incredible, unique artists and writers that are independent or “undiscovered”. I’ve gotten to watch them perform, write, and create. It’s been super inspiring and has opened my eyes styles of Country music that I didn’t know existed before. I’ve realized that it’s good to be unique, stand out, and have your own specific sound. It’s also helped me break a lot of mental barriers surrounding what I thought my music was “supposed” to be, and develop a style that’s a lot more me.

Being in and amongst the US Country scene, are you aware of the growing UK Country movement?

I am! I’ve become a lot more aware of the international Country scene in the recent years. I think it’s so amazing that music being made here in the US is being felt and heard all the way across the world! It blows my mind. I guess it just goes to prove the power of genuine music.

Your debut single ‘The One’ will be released April 24th, how does it feel to be on the cusp of releasing your music?

It feels surreal. I’ve got all the emotions going on! I’m both excited and nervous, but mostly just excited. I’ve been imagining this moment my whole life! I’m so proud of this song and can’t wait to give it to the world. I hope that people love it as much as I do! If I can just touch one person with my music and make them feel like they’re not alone – I’ve succeeded in my eyes. I hope this is the first of many songs I get to put out!

What was the writing process like for the track?

I wrote this song solo one night, in my room here in Nashville. I was sitting, sulking, and reflecting on a relationship that’d been a part of my life for 2+ years. It was finally coming to an end and I was just trying to process it. I didn’t even sit down with the intention to write a song, it just kind of spilled out of me. I wasn’t totally sure of what I was writing until I was done. It was finished in under 45 minutes. This song came from the most honest, genuine place and I felt so at peace after writing it. So much so, that I decided it would be the first single only a few days later.

How would you describe the vibe of the song to listeners?

I’d describe “The One” as a nostalgic, yet hopeful twist on the heartbreaking situation of losing your first love. It’s definitely kind of sad, but could also be taken as uplifting and encouraging. It’s a different kind of break-up anthem.

What are you hoping fans will take away from the single?

I mostly just hope that fans can relate to the message of this single. I think it’s often overlooked that your first love usually isn’t your last, because it’s not as romantic as the latter. Personally though, I think being the one to teach someone how to act right is surely just as important as being “The [final] One”. Maybe even more. I hope this single reminds fans that just because something didn’t work out, doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. It doesn’t make the love or emotion mean any less, and no relationship is ever a waste of time as long as something is learned. Realizing that – and being able to see the loss from a different perspective was life changing for me. I’m hoping that this song can be a point of healing for fans, just like it was for me.

Can we expect any live gigs from you this year?

Absolutely! I play writers rounds, as well as shows whenever I get the chance. I’m hoping to add a few to the list this summer! If you want to stay up to date with my tour schedule + all other things music, be sure to check up on my website haileyemillermusic.com. I keep everything updated on there!

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