Hannah May Allison to Release New Single ‘Right Now’ This Friday

Nashville based Country artist Hannah May Allison is gearing up for the release of her brilliant new single ‘Right Now’. The track is a standout Pop crossover with strong lyrics all about not falling into a trap of waiting for someone who is unwilling to commit in a relationship. The empowering song was penned by Hannah, Casey Cattie, and Lauren McLamb and is a really exciting release in the Country calendar this year.

Speaking about the single which drops this Friday (May 17th), Hannah May Allison says: This song relates to what happens to many women–falling for someone who is not ready to for a meaningful relationship. Many girls in this
situation will stick around because they hope in vain that the person will eventually be ready for something serious. But most of the time they will be let down. “Right Now” is a strong message for any girl waiting around for love. I think many girls need to hear that if the guy they are with is not willing to go all in, then you are better off without him. It is an easy trap to fall into, especially in our generation, to wait around in hopes of him being ready for a
relationship. I think girls should never settle for less than what they deserve.” 

The new release signals an exciting new era in the music catalogue of Allison and is the first of many co-writes with renowned Nashville songwriters shining a light on her truthful take on the world as she sees it. The latest offering from the fast rising artist follows on from ‘Stand Corrected’ which gained over 3000 streams on Spotify and more than 4000 YouTube views on the official music video in less than one week.

The numbers are set to be even higher and more impressive this Friday when ‘Right Now’ drops. Hannah May Allison is one of the many female Country-Pop artists ready to takeover the world in the coming years and this track is just the beginning for a singer/songwriter with the world at her feet.

Are you excited for the release of ‘Right Now’ on Friday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 




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