Clara Bond’s New Single ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Single’ Out Now!

Tomorrow sees the release of Clara Bond’s new single ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Single’! Clara has been a long time favourite of ours at Belles and Gals – and we were delighted when Clara performed at one of our recent London shows! We were also lucky enough to premiere a couple of her videos from her previous EP ‘Out of Towners’ EP, a record that surely has to be considered one of the best records in the three years this site has been in existence.

A new chapter starts for Clara tomorrow, while it’s been a huge week already. She has just been announced on the roster of the new ‘Triple Fret’ management group, while tonight she has a headline show in London! (anyone get the feeling Clara will be exhausted come the weekend?). Our particular highlight of the week was when we got to chat to Clara about the single and her career earlier this week!

Hi Clara, It’s fantastic to see you’re back with a new single! How are your excitement levels right now and tell us all about ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Single?’

I’m so excited to finally be able to give the people who’ve heard this track live for the past few years, a physical version of the song that they can listen to. I’m so excited to release the song, I’m also hugely nervous that they like the new style that we’ve gone for.

So I wrote it about a guy that I went on a date with and it went fine but it was nothing to write home about. Six months later, I found out on social media that he was celebrating his one year anniversary with his girlfriend.

The song is one that has been very popular in your live set recently – was the positive crowd reaction one of the reasons you chose it as a single?

I always knew that it was going to be a single, the moment we wrote it and I left the writing session. It’s still one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. I always love the fact that people seem to laugh when I say the song’s title, so absolutely. The way that I feel on stage performing it is also an indication that we’re onto a good thing.

This release marks the start of a new chapter in your career. How do you look back on the ‘Out of Towners’ era? And what’s the difference between Clara Bond today and the Clara of three years ago?

The ‘Out of Towners’ era was genuinely one of my fondest memories of being in the music industry – touring that EP and seeing people’s response to the EP was my first ever experience of having a fan base. I remember my first time that I did a show – I think it was with Lisa Wright – and looking out into the audience and people were singing the songs back. ‘Out of Towners’ gave me that insight into what it could be like – the life of an actual, gigging, touring musician. It changed my life and it changed my outlook on being a musician. It’s not just writing songs, it’s all in the arrangement and learning the craft of a musician. The people I’m working with today are still the people I’m working with now, so it did change my life.

The difference between Clara Bond now and Clara Bond three years ago? I’ve learned a lot – that’s musically: I’ve pushed boundaries for myself, I’ve got a clearer understanding of the music I want to make and the kind of writer I want to be. So I’m just a little more confident – and that’s not to be misconstrued as arrogant – it’s that confidence of going out on a stage with my 45 minutes and seeing what I can do with it.

To finish, what can we expect from you in the coming months?

So we’ll be releasing a single every month until the EP release date and I’ll be gigging as much as I possibly can, I’ll be releasing lots of videos, lots of songs, just trying to re-establish myself on the scene because I’m aware that I’ve spent a long time out between ‘Out of Towners’ and the ‘Crown’ EP, but I’ve been preparing a lot and working hard during that time.

Interview conducted by Nick Cantwell (


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