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I was immediately drawn to the blend of country, blues and soul from UK’s Emma King on hearing this teaser for her upcoming release ” The Sun And The Blues”, and straight away went on a mission to discover more about this ” new to me” artist.

Emma hails from Hull, and hers is definitely a story of hard work and determination. Already a gigging musician in her teens, her love of country music developed thanks to catching legends such as Cash and Haggard on late night television, and when she moved to Brighton to study music ( winning a scholarship) she formed a Country/Americana band and carried on her gigging tradition with them, including self-funded trips to Nashville. Whilst stateside they caught the attention of music executives, got offered work as a house band and continued to work/tour there for four years. Emma in particular made quite a name for herself during this time, including becoming a regular performer at the Bluebird Cafe and opening for acts such as Old Dominion and Deanna Carter, her own soulful sound evolving all the time.
She and cowriter/producer Ritch Spence moved back to the UK where she has since released two albums ( getting national radio play on the BBC) and she has continued to tour extensively on both sides of the Atlantic.
This new project is an exciting concept, being recorded live to tape in the States, it’s title referring to the two legendary studios she and her musicians used……Sun Studios in Memphis and House Of The Blues in Nashville. It features four tracks, recorded between 2014-2018, produced in a way that is faithful to the legacy of these historic studios.
” The Sun And The Blues” will be available on 10″ vinyl and digitally on July 26th but is available to pre order now with a bonus track included for anyone ordering online….details here ……

The Sun And The Blues was cut to vinyl and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London.
Side One
(Live at Sun Studio, Memphis, TN)
1. All the Other Fools
2. Rollin’ In
Side Two
(Live at House of Blues, Nashville, TN)
1. Break the Mould
2. Wild Things

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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