Azalea’s Ashes At Westfield House London 13 June 2019

It was a privilege for B&G ‘s founder Nick and I to be invited to the first gig by London based Azalea’s Ashes ….well the first in their new format! Fronted by long term friends and musical collaborators Talia Simone and Kelly Lee, the band took a break from live shows due to family commitments but the ladies kept on writing together and their passion for performing and recording was reignited after a recent visit to Nashville ( where I first met them). New bass and lead guitar players have joined the line up ( both perfect fits!) and I predict that this band will be making waves before too long (look out for an EP on the horizon).

Talia and Kelly’s vocals compliment each other perfectly, both able to take the lead ( Talia particularly suiting ballads imo with her softer, sweeter sound while Kelly is the brasher powerhouse of the two ) and their harmonies are spot on. They have a brilliant rapport and fun, bubbly personalities which translate well onstage.

Their hour long set in this cosy private members club showcased their songwriting talents too, and they threw some fantastic covers into the mix by female artists who have inspired them including Pistol Annies and Lindi Ortega. Their own material definitely drew on their love of classic country and Americana, including the upbeat opener “ Made Up My Mind” a leaving song about being fed up with being taken for granted, the slower paced “ Burn It” about moving on and not looking back and “ Wasting My Time” which Talia rightly introduced as their “ Patsy Cline Song” as I could easily believe it really came from her repertoire!

As well as being creative in the musical capacity the band’s merch ( or their “ Junk Trunk” as they call it) contains many items they have crafted themselves, really cute friendship bracelets and upcycled western shirts included, and they have printed their own T-shirt’s too.

As mentioned earlier look out for new music soon and hopefully a lot more live dates in the near future too.

Review written by Lesley Hastings (


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