INTERVIEW: Kassi Ashton Talks Maren Morris Tour Support Slot

Kassi Ashton is one of the many exciting female country talents currently coming out of Nashville and she has been making a real name for herself thanks to her wonderfully authentic songwriting and soulful vocals. This year alone she has released three brand new songs – “Violins,” “Pretty Shiny Things” and “Field Party” – all of which continue to defy convention and showcase the many different sides of her own unique sonic and musical style.

This Autumn the rising star will join the Grammy award-winning Maren Morris on a select number of tour dates. Here we chat to Kassi Ashton to discuss her Morris support slot and what else we can expect from here this year:

How excited are you to be heading out on tour with Maren Morris?
Beyond. It’s a dream tour for me, so the fact that it’s my very first means more to me than I can put into words.

How did the tour slot come about?
My manager called me when I was in a Home Depot parking lot loading top soul into my Jeep. I was wearing insulated hunting boots and muddy jeans. I just started screaming and jumping all over the parking lot. Most people looked at me like I was a looney tune, but nothing felt more country music real than that. 

What can fans expect from your opening set?
A show. Something that pushes the boundary a bit I think in terms of what is normally expected. I’m gonna give my whole self to them and try to lift them up and remove them from anything burdening them outside the venue walls.

Can we expect any fun surprises from your set?
Well shit, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.

What are your tour must-haves?
Harley men’s riding boots, Nuun hydration, and vitamin tablets, Dry shampoo [and] Confidence and communication. 

Do you have any pre-stage rituals?
I like to become as zen as possible. Kind of shove myself in the dirt a little. Then, when adrenaline hits on stage, my vibes even back out where I can be in complete control and not blackout from excitement.

Is there one city, in particular, you’re most excited about visiting?
I can’t get out of my head that I’m playing Radio City Music Hall. I love the energy of New York. I love the variety and possibility. The acceptance of pretty much anything. The history. So beautiful.

Along with this tour what else can we expect from you before the end of the year?
I’ll be back in the studio prepping for next year and making plans to meet more fans, play more shows, and introduce myself further.

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Feature photography credit: Alysse Gafjken


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