INTERVIEW: Two Ways Home Talk New Music

Back in August of this year fast-rising British country music duo, Two Ways Home shared their pop-infused single ‘Speed Of Anything’. This hit release will be followed up by the new track ‘Out On The Road’ which will be dropping on October 18th. Both songs are lifted off their forthcoming debut album which is slated for an early 2020 release.

Here we chat exclusively to Two Ways Home to discuss all the new music that is on its way:

You released Speed of Anything in August, how did you find the fan response to that single?

We are super happy with the response. People have really been loving the track and it has gotten a lot of streams over the past month.

You’re going to be following up with another track in October, what can listeners expect from that song?

‘Speed of Anything’ was the more poppy end of the album. The second single: ‘Out On The Road’ is a little less poppy and more reminiscent of the Eagles. It has a very Eagle-Esque chorus and there is a nice little guitar solo which breaks it up a bit. We are keeping with the positive theme with this one and think it’ll make a great driving/road trip song.

Can you tell us a little about the writing process for ‘Out On The Road’?

We wrote this in Nashville with the most Cockney Geezer; Ben ‘Jonsey’ Jones. It was a really funny write and pretty fast, we finished the whole song in a 3-hour session. When we got to Ben’s studio he had already started a backing track and we really like the vibe so we decided to build on it.

What are you hoping listeners take from the track?

‘Out On The Road’ always reminds us a little bit of Take it Easy by the Eagles, hopefully, listeners will get that vibe when they listen to it.

Do you feel these two singles give us a good taste of what we can expect from your album next year?

Yes definitely, there are a few more feel-good upbeat numbers on there, but the album is quite versatile and there are a couple of slow ballads on there as well as some more rocky numbers.

Who have you been working with for the LP project?

We had our usual players: Chris Brice on drums and Michael Clancy on Guitars, they also play with us when we do full-band shows. We also worked with our good friend Maxime Obadia who co-produced the record and Niclas Jeppsson who engineered the recording sessions. It was mixed and mastered by a guy called Stuart Stuart who is from Brisbane, we found him because he has worked on some of our favourite tracks by a band called Sheppard. You might know the mega-hit Geronimo, that track was huge a couple of years ago.

Is there one song, in particular, you’re most excited about sharing off the record?

There are a few curveballs, so we are excited for people to hear it and see which songs people gravitate to. We don’t actually have a favourite as they are so different so we keep going back and forth between songs.

Can we expect to see you touring the LP next year?

Yes definitely, probably around the end of March. We are also doing a short run of three full band shows at the end of November [this year] where we will introduce some of the new songs from the album. The really exciting thing about our debut album is that all the songs are new and there are no re-makes or re-records from any of our EPs so we have 10 brand new songs to showcase and perform live, which is always amazing.

Live dates (Full-Band):

27th November – London – The Half Moon Putney

28th November – Manchester – Jimmys bar

29th November – Cheltenham – Smokey Joes

‘Out On The Road’ is available to pre-save now ahead of its October 18th release.

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