Remember Monday Release New Single “Home To Me “

Amazingly it’s been over a year since this incredibly talented UK trio (Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull and Charlotte Steel) released their last (debut) single, the energetic “Drive” which reached Number One in the iTunes Country Chart. But their ever growing fan base, helped in no small way I’m sure by their impressive television appearances on The Voice UK and a run of festival appearances this Summer, including The Long Road, are now being treated to two new singles dropping on consecutive Mondays. See what they did there??!!
This Monday (7th Oct) saw their stunning ballad “Home To Me” being unleashed to world, followed by “Find My Way” which drops a week later on 14th.
“Home To Me” is a great contrast to their 2018 release, being a totally stripped back ballad which helps show what a versatile group Remember Monday are. Written a while back now by Lauren for a British Airways competition, the ladies have been including it in their live sets for some time and I’ve seen first hand how well it connects with their audiences. Produced by Tim Prottey-Jones, the song’s haunting acoustic accompaniment begins with just a guitar being strummed before building gradually and leaves the trio’s vocals no place to hide. But they don’t need one! Whether singing individually during the verses, or together when their now trademark effortless harmonies kick in during the first chorus, the threesome’s soothing sound is a total joy throughout.
Lyrically the song tells of travelling around and chasing dreams, visiting some of the most stunning places in the world. But having met a special someone all that excitement fades into the background and becomes meaningless. As they sing in the tagline at the end of the chorus ”anywhere you ain’t by my side ain’t home to me”

Download/stream at all the usual places and of course “remember” next “ Monday” there’s another single to come!

Review written by Lesley Hastings (

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