Emma Moore’s ‘Dutch Courage’ Out Today!

On a busy day of releases, Emma Moore‘s ‘Dutch Courage’ is certainly a track that needs highlighting. A couple of weeks ago Laura Klonowski wrote a preview piece, where she stated:

Vocally, Moore makes sure that listeners sit up and take note from the very first lyric thanks to her strong tone that will leave you swooning. This is a very American vibed track that wouldn’t seem out of place on Country Radio in the States, thanks to its funky rock crossover production, sing-a-long chorus, and soaring guitar work. Think Carrie Underwood meets Miranda Lambert.

Sonically it’s a very fresh sound that not many homegrown acts are releasing or making right now, meaning Emma Moore is in her own lane within the ever-growing UK country music scene which gives her room to grow and really build her own following without being compared to any current British stars.

Now you’ve got the chance to listen yourself – download on iTunes here https://music.apple.com/gb/album/dutch-courage-single/1480877682


Emma is one of the most featured artists ever on Belles and Gals, and with new music as good as this, long will that continue!


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