Rachel Laven Releases ‘Heels’

Today sees the release of Heels by Rachel Laven. The song is a topical one, detailing the struggles of being a female musician in the music industry today. In the song there’s encounter with a pair of drunk guys when she is performing – ‘because I’ve heard all your lines and they don’t impress me, if you want to take me home you can buy a CD‘. The track is an incredible listen with fantastic guitar work, detailing that the singer has ‘paid her dues’ on the road and deserves the respect that goes alongside that. Take a listen to the track below:

About Rachel Laven

New Folk Award winning songwriter, Rachel Laven performs a blend of Texas Folk and Americana music. A positive force of nature on stage, Laven not only captivates with her smiling lyricism, but with her electric vocals and accomplished guitar work. Laven recently packed her Texas life into storage and moved to the UK with her husband, making a new home in Leeds, England. She will shift her focus for 2019 and 2020 to touring in Europe and launching a Patreon to help fund her next album, an acoustic project called “The Leeds Sessions.”

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