Cross Atlantic ‘Everybody’s Looking for Love’ Video Out Now!

Cross Atlantic are a duo who first came to our attention when they supported the wonderful Brandy Clark on her headline tour back in 2017 – and we’ve kept our eye on them ever since! Cross Atlantic, are both a duo and a couple, comprised of Karli Chayne of Bolivar, Missouri and James Sinclair-Stott of from Huddersfield, here in the UK. Last week, their new video, ‘Everybody’s Looking for Love’ was premiered on CMT Next Up Now – and here it is below:

About the video:

The video, which was cast to feature many of the duo’s close friends and family, also depicts a few other real-life love stories and relationships. In the piano-room rehearsal scene, Nashville songwriter, Bryan Austin, a frequent collaborator with Cross Atlantic, can be spotted with his wife as he is greeted by James. Porter Howell songwriter/guitarist and original member of the 90’s country band Little Texas (“What Might Have Been,” “God Blessed Texas”) and the duo’s manager, Michelle Goble are shown meeting on a dating app as they did in real life. Cross Atlantic drummer, Ricky Ficarelli brings a drink to his now wife Gia during the party scene just like when they met four years earlier and Mary Sarah, an alum of “The Voice” can be seen with a romantic interest, emerging country artist, David Tucker during the party and hallway scenes. In another scene, James is shown meeting Karli’s real-life parents, Jeff and Cristi Duren.

At the end of the video James proposes to Karli as they walk off stage and into the crowd following a Cross Atlantic performance. Though the specifics of this proposal were fictionalized, Karli and James did, in fact, film this video while engaged and were married outside of Nashville a few weeks after production on September 24th.

“This video is extra special to us because it includes not only an insight to our story but also real-life love stories and relationships of several of our family and friends,” says Karli. “It was such a fun and special way to include them in what we do,” adds James.”

The video, directed by Jon Karr is a one shot video filmed in one take – its a fascinating watch!

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