‘Open Book’ – the Brand New EP from Emily Frith Out Today!

Today (5pm) sees the release of ‘Open Book’, the much anticipated new EP from Emily Frith. This has been an amazing project for Emily and one we have followed all the way, with each new single release showing just how versatile the Norwich based singer songwriter is.

The first glimpse we had of the EP was around 16 months ago, when Emily released ‘Better’, which about which Emily stated:

…means the absolute world to me, as it’s a really personal song, about topics I never used to talk about much, like bullying. I wrote the song to help myself accept and move on from the bad times of my past, but I realised that releasing the song could really help some people find the confidence to also accept and move on from the rough patches in their lives too.

‘Better’ is the opening track to the EP, and it’s an incredibly catchy track which we called ‘a fantastic slice of country pop‘ on release. 

This is followed by ‘Out’, which we described as follows in our review of the summer just past:

…introduces us to a more-vulnerable side of her growing discography. With just a piano accompanying her, Emily’s vocals are emotive and breathtaking. The instrumental builds and falls in sync with the chorus. Although it’s very stripped-back, it’s clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into the production!

Giving Up on Love follows – check out the brilliant video below:

This was something of a change of direction for Emily, offering up a much edgier sound. It’s fantastic to see a young artist in the UK experimenting with her sound and this is a fine example of Emily’s diversity of talent.

‘The Blue’ is the penultimate track of the EP. If you like a song with a chorus that you simply have to sing along to, this it – a great driving beat in the background, apt considering that the song is about just going out on the open road. Below is Emily performing the song at the first ever Belles and Gals showcase back in October 2018:

The final track of the EP is ‘Want to Love’, which is a gorgeous track about wanting to give somebody the world. Lyric such as ‘Cos I’ve got a heart that’s grown so big, it’s so full of love, so much to give and I’ve got a big ass bed that’s meant for two‘ tell the story of the song perfectly. This is a perfect closer – Emily has a great ability of writing songs with a deep meaning that flow with a great country pop sound.

The whole ‘Open Book’ project has been a joy to see unfold. At Belles and Gals we saw something special in Emily Frith before any of these songs were released, and following each release, and now with the release of the whole EP, it’s clear that Emily has moved onto another level. Her confidence shines through with every song and this is an artist doing things her way.

Pre-order the EP before 5pm here:


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