Shannon Hynes ‘Comfort’ Out Today!

Regular visitors to this site will know all about Shannon Hynes – one of the most featured artists on Belles and Gals and the host to our regular ‘Showcase’ evening at the Water Rats in London.

Shannon had an incredible start to her career, with back to back number ones in the UK Country Charts, while her last single ‘Off Guard’ was nominated as one of the ‘Songs of the Year’ in our upcoming UK Country Music Spotlight Awards. Now she is back with her brand new single ‘Comfort’ (stream it below).

From the very first note, you’ll know this has a traditional country vibe written all over it, while Shannon’s emotive vocals always do a fine job of telling a story in more than just words. This is another winner for the London-based Welsh singer.

Shannon Hynes:

I have been playing this track live for over a year now, I was desperate to get it recorded and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned it out. We went very traditional with this track, we’ve stuck to a more live feel, so it doesn’t sound very produced at all. That typical honky tonk country bass style, drums are very laid back, and it’s COVERED in pedal steel and harmonies. ‘COMFORT’ is simply about being with someone who you don’t love, no matter how much you might want to and at the end of the day, love is all any of us want in life. Love can be exciting,
scary, adventurous, tumultuous and so it should be… but above all, I believe it should be comfortable.

Check out this brilliant mash up of Shannon singing the song at various events (including some of our own) by Belles and Gals affiliated videographer DC Brown!


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