Interview with Harriet Rose Grant

Last week I was in studio with Harriet Rose Grant for the recording of her first EP at Beck View Studio, Scarborough with Producer Justin Johnson.

I had the opportunity to ask Harriet a few questions about her experience at the studio and all about her upcoming EP! Here’s what she had to say…

Harriet, this is your first time in a full studio with a producer. What made you choose Justin as your producer and what were your first impressions of Beck View Studio?

I had been wanting to get into a studio for quite a while, I can’t remember exactly how I came across Justin, but after listening to his work I realised that he really understood and had loads of experience creating the country sound that I was after for my songs. I knew in my head for the majority of tracks the direction that I’d want to take them, but I had a good feeling Justin would be able to make that happen.

How was the experience of recording in a “live room” studio with the musicians all tracking together and bringing your music to life “in the moment?

Actually getting into the studio itself and seeing the incredible set up and the talent of the musicians around me was both exciting and nerve wracking I guess. To have the opportunity to bring my tracks to life in such an environment meant everything. But at the same time, I was nervous to finally work on my songs and get ready to put them out into the world. I had to put trust in everyone around me and not be so hard on myself (which I’m not the best at!)

You have been writing and playing live for a while now. Can you give me a brief overview of how you reached this point in your music career?

Although I’ve been gigging some time now, my journey in the country scene only really started last January when I felt confident in the sound I had started to create.

So I spent the last year gigging as often as I could, travelling up and down the country and even organising a 30 date tour. Overall I managed to do over 130 gigs, which was super tiring alongside working, but totally worth it. I realised the importance of having a fan base and people who’d actually be interested in my music before I just recorded anything and put it out. I’m also pleased that I had the time last year to travel and keep writing. Songs that I thought were pretty good I now don’t even want to remember aha! It’s allowed me to progress and change as a songwriter and now I’m really happy with the songs that I have and cant wait to get them out.

Do you prefer to write alone or with a co-writer?

I’ve never actually written a song with anyone. Its something I’d love to do so maybe I’ll make that a goal for this year!

I’ve always been the same when it comes to song-writing. Ill hide myself away for an hour and write about whatever I’m feeling or something that’s happened during the day. Then when I’m happy with it, I’ll take it to gigs to see what the reaction is like. Every song I’ve written so far is about something that has happened in my life. I like having a personal connection to what I’m singing and I think it helps others relate too.

How did you decide which songs you wanted to record for your EP?

Now this was SO hard! To start with I sent 13 ‘possible’ tracks to Justin and Mel to see if they could help narrow them down. I had an idea of the first three songs that I definitely wanted to be on the EP, then it became a battle of the final two and I didn’t decide the last one until the day before we went into the studio. I don’t want to give too much away as to what’s on there, so you’ll have to wait and see!

Are you planning on releasing a track from the EP as a single? If so…can we know which one?!

I will be releasing a single, hopefully towards the end of March. I would let you in on what track it is but I still haven’t decided myself yet!

What are your goals for this year and where can people see you play live?

My main goal for this year was to get my music recorded! I’d love to start gigging with a band behind me and I think having the EP will make it easier.

I want to keep gigging and travelling to as many new venues as possible. I’ve already got quite a few gig dates planned this year and you can find them on my website or on my socials.

My last goal would be to tour again in Autumn but this time with a band.

And lastly…when can we expect your EP to be released?!

If all goes to plan my EP will be released in April – eeek!

Interview conducted by Mel Osten (

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  • February 10, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    Thanks for interviewing Harriet Rose, great to see her name getting out there.

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