CMT Research Finds Fans Want More Airplay For Female Acts

It has always been common knowledge amongst music industry insiders and fans that there is a skewed view from Radio stations, particularly in America in regards to female acts getting their songs on playlists and this has now been proven.

Following the announcement that CMT will be taking part in equal play where plays of songs across their media outlets will be spilt 50/50 between women and men, they have now shared the results of their research into the gender inequality across the genre.

And it has proven beyond doubt that the problem lies with those who choose the radio airplay playlists and not the listeners. Their survey results deliver facts that fans want to hear female artists across all media.

Commissioned by CMT Insights, new data from Coleman Insights shows that not only do a staggering 84% of listeners want equal play for women on radio, but 7 out of 10 also want more female artists in the genre overall.

Listeners reported that they would even seek out country radio more often if women were specifically highlighted, with 28% saying they would listen to the radio platform more if additional female acts were featured, versus just 11% who would listen less.

This showcases that there is a real hunger amongst the people who purchase the music, for women to be heard – surely now something has to be done to rebalance the gender inequality across the States in particular?

Speaking about the groundbreaking findings, Senior Vice President Leslie Fram says:“The age-old myth that ‘women don’t want to hear women’ has led to a multitude of unproven public claims about female voices on the air, including ‘you can’t play two women back-to-back’ or ‘ratings drop when you play women. When we approached Coleman Insights about this specific line of research, we were shocked to learn no one had ever commissioned data on the listeners themselves. CMT took it directly to the fans and what we found couldn’t have been more clear: listeners want equal play and women do want to hear women on the radio. This tells us country music fans want to hear good songs period. But it also tells us that we are training listeners not to hear female voices. Without creating an equal playing field, fans don’t know what they are missing. This is about a balance of gender and diversity. It’s essential for all voices to be heard.”

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Laura Klonowski

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