INTERVIEW: Kerri Watt Talks New Single ‘Kissing Fools’

Back on Valentine’s Day country sensation Kerri Watt shared her brilliant new single ‘Kissing Fools’ and quickly followed the audio release with the official music video for the track. The cinematic piece features 14-year-old Cody Molko.

Here we speak to Kerri Watt to discuss the latest release further:

Your new single is out now, how excited are you by the reaction so far?

I’m always super excited to release a new track. It’s like sharing a little piece of my heart and soul so when the reaction is positive there’s no better feeling! 

What would you say was the biggest inspiration behind the track?

I’m pretty nostalgic about my teen years and wanted to write a song that would take other people back to those days. I pretty much lived my teens vicariously through 90’s rom coms until I moved to California for my last year of school and actually got to live them out at an Orange County high school! The movies I loved plus my own experiences were the inspiration for the writing and I loved carrying that theme through to the music video. 

What are you hoping fans take away from the song’s message?

I want them to get swept up in the lyrics, the mood and the moment and forget about life for a while. I love the idea that a song can take you far from the stresses of everyday life. Hopefully, people will sing along, dance along and maybe even smooch along to the song! 

Can you tell us a little about the writing process for the single?

I had the lyrical idea for this song floating around in my head for a while so when I sat down with friend and co-writer Jeff Cohen and shared my idea with him, it just kind of flowed out. We wrote it on acoustic guitar so getting it into the recording studio with producer Machine and a live band is where the magic really began. 

Along with the single release, can we also expect an EP and or LP release this year?

Let’s just say I’ve got lots of new music waiting in the wings ready to reveal itself! 

You’ve also shared the official video, what was the filming day like?

We filmed over two days and both were totally different. Day 1 we had a room full of kids plus parents and a large crew to make sure the day ran smoothly. We were teaching dance routines, trying on costumes and turning a very drab church hall into a slightly less drab disco scene! It was a very busy day but so much fun. The second day, we filmed in a London townhouse with our star of the movie Cody Molko. That was a lot more laid back, there were only 5 of us there and it was a lot of trying different fun stuff. My favorite moment was when Cody picked up a guitar and said ‘Can you teach me the chords to Kissing Fools? I could play it!’ He’s a star and him playing the song on guitar made it to the final edit. 

How did you and/or your team come up with the clip’s treatment?

One of my best and oldest friends Milly Upton is a super talented producer and creative mind. We were messing around with a bunch of different ideas for the video, one of which involved a load of people in a swimming pool! While I was figuring out the practicality of that, she sent me a voice note pitching the school disco idea to me. I fell in love with it immediately and that was it – we made it happen! 

What are you hoping to achieve with this video and song?

I’d love it to reach a wider audience, help my reputation grow and open me up to new fans that have yet to discover me. But most importantly, I want it to make people feel great! 

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