Becky Lawrence’s ‘Wasted on You’ – Out Today

Today sees the release of ‘Wasted on You’, the great new single from Belles and Gals ambassador Becky Lawrence. It wouldn’t be a stretch if you described Becky as one of the finest vocalists in the UK country scene, her powerful voice making quite an impact at the Belles and Gals showcase last year (see Becky again in May – tickets here)

This new song is a fantastic vehicle for that voice. It’s a ballad about a broken romance, with the artist looking back with regret at the time and the emotion put into the relationship – ‘I should have known from the start, that all this love is wasted, all this love was wasted on you‘.

Alongside that regret, there is also a realisation that moving on is certainly the right thing to do, with a hopefulness in the lyrics –  ‘It doesn’t matter to you, you don’t have what I do‘.

A truly heartfelt and moving ballad from Becky whose star should rise to the heights it deserves in 2020!


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