INTERVIEW: Christie Huff Talks New Single ‘Love-Ish’

Rising country star Christie Huff last month released her stellar new single ‘Love-Ish’, the track dropped just in time for Valentine’s Day and has become a huge fan favourite in the weeks since.

It is a standout release from an artist who is set to become one of the leading names across the genre this year.

Here we chat to Christie Huff to discuss the single further:

Your single Love-Ish is out now, how are you finding the response so far?

Yes! I am so excited it’s out! The response has been overwhelmingly great, I am loving the positive response and am so glad people are loving it!

What would you say is your favourite lyric from the song?

My favorite lyric is in the 2nd verse “It’s not that we don’t know what love is, we’re both dancing round the words. We’re not being indecisive, no-one wants to wind up hurt”. I love that lyrics because I think often times in relationships, we don’t want to define anything right away because we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves too soon and get hurt. To me that line sums up what “Love-Ish” means.

The track was released just in time for Valentine’s Day, was it a conscious decision to release around this time or was it coincidental?

I didn’t plan on it, it was actually a coincidence! I was planing to release it at the end of January and it so perfectly fits with Valentine’s Day I had to take advantage of all the love that would be in the air! A happy coincidence, but I’m glad it happened.

Do you have plans to release an official music video for the track?

I don’t have plans to release an official music video for the track. I instead decided to film and record an acoustic version music video. The song is so intimate and I thought having a broken down acoustic version would give a different feeling!

What are you hoping listeners take away from the lyrical story?

I’m hoping listeners take away from “Love-ish” is that everybody overthinks in relationships and they are not alone. As long as you are having fun and are liking where a new relationship is going, just go with what you’re feeling and breathe!

What was the overall writing process like for the song?

I wrote “Love-Ish” with 2 writers in Nashville that I look up to, Mark Irwin and Aaron Eshuis. I got in the room with them and started telling them about a new relationship and said “It’s not love, but it’s love-ish” and Aaron was like, thats what we’re writing about! It happened to smoothly.

Along with the single, do you have any plans to share an EP and or full length LP?

Right now I plan to release a new single every 2 months or so! There will be a lot of new music coming!

Can we expect to see you on the road anytime soon?

Yes! I am going to London the week of March 2nd for a run of shows and then will be performing at SXSW in Austin, TX and The 3rd Street Song Festival in Baton Rouge in March. I will also perform in different cities over the summer! Lots of shows!

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