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New York native, now Nashville resident Ruthie is an artist we featured several times after the release of her impressive debut album “Get Drunk and Cry” back in 2017.
And there’s not long to wait now until she unleashes the follow up into the world, yes “Cold Comfort” (Curb Records) will be available everywhere on April 3rd. Several tracks are already available including the title track (and lead single) and the latest to be shared, the fabulous “Bad Woman” which sees her talking of a battle between her heart and head, a situation I’m sure many can relate to.
She says of the inspiration behind this song ” Sometimes you just wish you could go ahead and do the wrong thing. A while back I started falling for a guy who was very much taken. I’d never cross those lines, but I remember stepping back and looking at the situation and thinking ‘Man, I wish just for a second I could not have a conscience and see what would happen‘”.

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Fans of Ruthie may have already realised that on her upcoming album she has moved away from the pop shine of her earlier work; “Cold Comfort” has a much rawer, honest sound, there’s sweeping orchestral strings in the mix alongside pedal steel, the resulting sound hinting at Americana legends such as Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris (the latter of course the subject of a track on her debut release).
The songs she has written for it span the last five years of her life, they have come out of a great deal of soul searching and she has not been afraid to expose her vulnerable side.  Its a very personal collection which apparently she slipped off secretly to record, not telling anyone what she was up to.
“Making this album felt like a sink or swim moment for me” Ruthie says. “I felt like I needed to just go for it, to just trust my instincts and make the record I’ve always wanted to make”.
Judging by what I have heard so far, her instincts were spot on and I can’t wait to hear the entire album!
Ruthie Collins plays her first UK show on May 17th as part of Country In the Afternoon in London – tickets & details here and for further information go to
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