Emily Hackett’s ‘My Version of a Love Song’ – Out Now

Breakout singer-songwriter Emily Hackett is fast becoming a well known name with her pop infused country hits. Her latest release ‘My Version of a Love Song’ has an unmistakable 90’s vibe, and we’re here for it. She blends that 90’s sound perfectly with its anthemic production, alongside a modern pop twist. There’s something incredibly liberating about Hackett’s style. She won’t be cornered into the specific stereotypes of a genre. It’s clear that she’s happy to be fluid and drift between genres and this is possibly what makes this such a catchy, feel good tune.

The track tells the story of self-discovery and finding that balance in a relationship of identifying your own way to communicate and express your own version of love. It’s a sweet confessional to her husband and shows an immense leap of personal progression as a songwriter, writing something that’s far more open and an admission of an internal struggle to proclaim your innermost emotions.

 “The truth is, it kind of gives me hives to give a compliment,” Emily explained in a recent interview with Idolator. “For a songwriter, I really suck at words of affirmation. I can’t remember which one of us said it that day, but it came down to writing, truly, my version of a love song. So of course, that’s what we called it.” The end result is a timely reminder that love exists in even the darkest of times.

The latter is exactly what we all need to remember, especially in times like today. So thank you Emily for giving us all that boost to remind our loved ones that it doesn’t matter however we express it, but to let those close to us know.

This without a doubt, feels like the first of many great tracks to expect from Emily, which is great timing as she readies to release part 2 of her debut album ‘By The Moon’, so keep your eyes peeled!

Review written by Samantha Melrose (twitter.com/smelrose93)


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