Meet The Logans: The Logans Land BBC Scotland TV Special

‘Meet The Logans’ is a one-off reality special following The Logans: an all sister, Country-Pop trio from Glasgow. From temperamental rehearsals to barnstorming gigs, record company showcases to Fashion Week break-ins, ‘Meet the Logans’ provides an exclusive insight into the highs and lows of this young Scottish sisterly trio’s thriving country music scene. The show airs on BBC Scotland on Monday 30th March 11pm. We caught up with The Logans to find out what the show was all about.

First of all, for anyone who doesn’t know you, tell us a bit about the band?

Honor: We’re Honor, Tayler and Leona-Blue. We’re three sisters who sing and play together in the country-pop band, The Logans.

Leona-Blue: Even though we’re country-pop, our music has a lot of scottish influences,whether that’s in a song’s theme or sound.

Tayler: We take our music seriously, but not so much ourselves!

What is the show about?

Tayler: The show is about our journey as a band, and as sisters. It gives people a peek into all of the ridiculous and more serious things that we have to do to make it in the County music scene.

Honor: Sometimes it’s a joy, and other times it a complete disaster!

Tayler: Beyond that it’s about family. I think that’s where people will connect with it best. It’s a good example of how family can get you through the hardest times, and how those times can make you even stronger together.

Leona-Blue: It’s also an example of how we accept each other.

Honor: Yeah, that’s something that we always value and want to stay true to as a band. We have to accept each other at our best and worst if we want to make it work and keep it going, and that’s what we want to extend to our fans.

Leona-Blue: Anyone is welcome and accepted- at your best and at your worst.

Tayler: That’s what makes a family. And that’s what makes fans feel like they are part of our family, especially the ones who might just need that.

What word would you use to describe the show?

Honor: Wholesome- don’t think that means boring though! We’ve found, especially in this industry, it’s a total rebellion to just be wholesome, just to be feel-good. It’s even more important to us because of our young fan base. I’m not confusing being wholesome with being perfect because it really means you have to show the ugly parts too.

Tayler: It really is a rebellion for women to be themselves, especially on public platforms. It’s harder than you’d think!

Leona-Blue: But that’s the beauty of it, letting young people know that just being you is good enough. Especially at this point in time when the whole world seems to be applying this pressure to be perfect and better than the person standing next to you.

Tayler: We sort of want the opposite- who cares about being perfect? Just be who you are! Then the person next to you can do them, you can do you and we can just enjoy each other.

Honor: Yeah, wait until you see Tayler try out her favourite accents. If she has the courage to do that, you can do anything!

Tayler: cheeky!

 What’s your favourite part of the show (no spoilers!)

Tayler: My favourite bit is our live acoustic session with King of Birds, I won’t spoil it, but it was just one of those moments where you know you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. If you’re not a King Of Birds fan you will be after this!

Leona Blue: I loved being invited to London to meet a big A&R executive, it was so exciting but also so scary at the same time.

Honor: What about London Fashion Week? We won’t even go there, but if you love a good disaster, you’ll enjoy that!

What are your aims for the show?

Honor: We always wanted it to be as honest as it could be in terms of trying to make it in the industry-  people on the outside might not realise how difficult it is, but also for musicians who are going through it, we hope it reminds them to find the fun in it all and keep pushing through.

Tayler: It’s also a nod to all of the people who have helped us on our journey, from our band and family to industry professionals and fans- there is no such thing as doing it on your own! They keep you going when things feel stuck.

Leona-Blue: But since all of this stuff has happened with the coronavirus, it’s given us a new perspective and we hope that, honestly, it just lets people laugh and breathe out for a while. Things have been so heavy recently, and it would be lovely for people to have their spirits lifted a bit.

Tayler: And especially for anyone who’s feeling lonely, we want you to watch it and feel like you’re part of our family for the night.

Honor: You’re welcome in our family any day- really!

What’s next?

Tayler: It’s a weird place to be for so many musicians right now. All of these gigs and events being cancelled, it’s really odd. But we’ll keep you all up to date on our social media, and we’re hoping to do some live gigs on our Instagram and Facebook.

Leona Blue: Maybe even a viewing party of the show!

Honor: We’ve made many friends along the way, we’ve had times of excitement and lots of days that left us exhausted, but above all we’ve been left with a sense of true accomplishment.

Leona Blue: It’s only up from here!

To watch ‘Meet The Logans’, tune into BBC Scotland  on Monday 30th March, 11pm Freeview/YouView 105

Sky 115

Freesat 106

Virgin Media 108

  You can follow The Logans on social media @thelogansworld

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