Poppy Fardell’s ‘Better Start’ Out Today!

Poppy Fardell has been making some serious waves on the UK country scene over the last year (including a UKCMSA nomination for Best UK Newcomer) since her first two single releases ‘Hayley’ and ‘Lose Myself In You’. She’s back with her third single ‘Better Start’ and had the following to say about the new track:-

I wrote this song in hindsight, and when my friends were going through something similar to what I did, and I was thinking back over a time that I’d been struggling to get over someone, and move on from a situation. It is basically about that ‘Mirror Moment’ you have with yourself when you decide it’s finally time to start re-building and accepting a situation and moving on/learning from it.

On first listen I actually wasn’t sure if it was a cover, not because of anything like thinking I’d heard it before, but I was so impressed with the quality of the whole track – I just presumed some veteran country legend with decades of experience had written it and Poppy had added a bit of a modern feel to it. I became a huge fan of Poppy’s voice and the range of what she could do with it really quickly, even the softer more delicate side of her vocals that the track opens with has me drawn in straightaway. The lyrical side of song writing is something she absolutely excels at on every track she releases and coupled with the aforementioned vocal ability this new singles shows how fantastic she is at connecting the emotions and meaning of a song to the listener. Any artist can write about a situation but Poppy knows how to put you right in the middle of it. I love how the track feels quite different to the previous release but has the same infectious catchiness about it that is sure to make it one you’re going to listen to on repeat. The production work from Tim Prottey-Jones is top notch on this too; the instrumentation compliments Poppy well but really keeps the focus on her and lets her shine. Every release from Poppy continues to make me more excited for where she’s heading as an artist and I really feel like there’s no stopping her right now.



Review written by Craig Brooks (twitter.com/swindonforever)

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