Emilia Quinn’s ‘Mistakes’ Out Today!

If you’re looking for a real rising star of the UK country scene right now, Emilia Quinn will be a name on many lips! We were lucky enough to interview the Leeds-based singer earlier this year, and today we’re delighted that she has released her new single ‘Mistakes’.

In the January interview, Emilia said this of her music as ‘I think if I had to label it it would be alt. Country/americana type music with some grit to it.’  ‘Mistakes’ is a perfect example. There’s a real edge to Emilia Quinn that sets her apart from the crowd and there is little doubt that this single will only aid in pushing her name to the forefront of the industry.

I caught up with Emilia for a chat about the single this week!

Hey Emilia, congrats on the release of your new single ‘Mistakes’! Can you give us an insight into how the song came to life?

Mistakes was written a couple of years ago, inspired by my past self having a tedency for rocky relationships (something I think a lot of creative people can relate with!). It’s one of my less straightforward songs, as in it isn’t based on just one event or one feeling, it’s more like a patchwork of emotions, situation and experiences. The song explores those different themes from feelings of self-sabotage to going back to something you know you should leave in the past and the journey through that!

Just as a side note, I am happy to have gotten through that mess and be slightly more stable and far happier now! Haha i’m not totally insane…

How are you on an emotional level around release time? Do you get super excited? Super nervous? Or a combination of the two?

Definitely a solid combination of the two. Seeing the love this track has gotten from radio shows and blogs has given me a real boost, especially since it is so different from my last record.

But the nerves are also real! There’s a lot of prep that goes into release anything, and it can be q bit stressful trying to make everything fall into place at the right time, while also working on an EP and continuing ‘live’ shows etc. I’m a DIY artist, so my team is basically just me! But the work definitely pays off when the release is out and I can share a little piece if my soul with everyone.

It’s obviously a pretty strange time right now, and life has changed for us all. How are you coping with the lockdown? And how have you adapted as a musician?

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been easy. I’m sure a lot of people are feeling the same way, but I felt like I’d lost a limb or something with the gigs being cancelled and not being able to head into a dingy bar, with sticky floors and perform to real people haha i even miss the smell of booze in the air and horrific aching body by the time I make it to bed!

But I have adapted and like loads of other fanstic artists, I’ve been livstreaming some gigs, performing in round with friends and on my own.

I’ve also collaborated much more and started cowriting for the first time, which I didn’t really have time to do before! So there are silver linings

To finish, can you let us know where we can buy the new single, and let us know about your upcoming live streams!

The single will be available on my bandcamp profile from 30th April (although if you subscribe to my mailing list you get access a day early!) And all major platforms soon after! I will keep updating on my socials when and where it becomes available!

I also update my socials and my website with livestreams, but the next booked ones are 10th May with Belles and Gals (Editor note – that’s us!), which I’m really looking forward to! And 14th May with Country In The Uk.

In addition I have a weekly livestream called Bare Faced Friday, where I invite two other artists every week to perform with me, all with no makeup and fanciness. This is to break up the perfection we see online a lot as well as reflect the way songwriters lay themselves bare in their songs. It’s live every Friday at 2pm UK time.

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