Interview with Mira Goto

Today we’re delighted to feature the wonderful Mira Goto on Belles and Gals for the first time. It’s been a fantastic year so far for the California artist currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee! We caught up with Mira to chat all things music, the best moment of her career and her live streams with a difference!

Hi Mira, great to feature you for the first time! I want to start by asking you about your two single releases in 2020 – ‘Circus’ and ‘Nobody Warned Me’. Both brilliant listens. Can you give us a quick insight into each of the songs?
-Thank you! Nobody Warned Me is about all the terrible things that your parents warn you about when you move away from home for the first time. They’re so good about warning you to be careful, but they don’t necessarily warn you about all the wonderful things that can happen. I wanted to capture the feeling of falling in love.
-Circus is about finding someone who loves everything about you: the good, the bad, and the weird! You gotta make sure your weirdness is compatible with theirs if it’s gonna work out.

If you had to describe your sound to somebody who is new to you, what would you say?
-I would say if Colbie Callait and Kacey Musgraves had a love child, it would be my music. I call it ‘diet country’.

Obviously the Covid-19 situation has been incredibly tough on musicians – you seem to have really taken to live streams! With alcohol-based incentives for interactivity! How are you finding this new ‘normal’?
-Ha, I’ve never been a big drinker, but I thought I’d learn how to make fancy cocktails when the shutdown started. I was doing it at home anyways and thought “why not do this online?” This new normal is challenging in many ways, of course, but I just miss people. I look forward to having a huge show, and buying first round for the room when all this is over.


I’m always intrigued by an artist’s song writing process. Do you have a set method of writing?
-I don’t really have a particular method that’s tried and true. I do like to take my ideas (I keep a running list!) and try to develop a couple prior to co-writing appointments. If I walk into an appointment with a hashed out idea, it tends to produce a more cohesive product than if we’re just throwing ideas at the wall.

If you had to pick a particular highlight from your career, what would you say?
-Oh easy. I think my favorite memory in recent history is singing the national anthem at the San Francisco Giants stadium last season!! I am a huge baseball fan, and it was easily the biggest crowd I’ve ever been in front of (holds 50k). Surviving that made me feel brave enough to handle any crowd size!

To finish, can you tell us where we can see your upcoming live streams!
-I am so glad you asked! I do a facebook live every Thursday at 1pm Pacific (4pm NY, 9pm London) and Instagram happy hour every Friday at 3pm Pacific (6pm NY, 11pm London). I keep a schedule on my website, so check back for more options:

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