Kelsey Bovey to Release New Single ‘Magnetic’ on Friday

This Friday sees the release of the new single ‘Magnetic’ from Kelsey Bovey. It’s been a strange time for artists during the Covid-19 lockdown, but Kelsey has been one of the most visible artists on the scene in live streaming, and has been making a great name for herself.

‘Magnetic’ is an upbeat and engaging track with an infectious chorus, that shows off the best of young Bristol based artist.

Kelsey Bovey:

Magnetic is a spontaneous love song that I feel everyone has experienced once in their life and sharing the reasons behind your feelings for that someone special. This came from a place of uncertainty when you start a relationship and you find the person that is right for you but scared of falling in too deep because you’ve been hurt before”.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be premiering the video for the single at 6pm on release day, while also featuring Kelsey on two very exciting live streams!


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