My Darling Clementine Release New Single ‘Different Finger’

A marriage made in heaven — great voices, a great song and a soulful arrangement — ‘Different Finger‘ is the new single from My Darling Clementine, the duo comprising musical and life partners, Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish and featuring Elvis Costello’s long standing keyboard player Steve Nieve.

The single previews their forthcoming follow up EP to last years well received EP ‘Country Darkness Vol 1’, another collaboration with Nieve, which covered country-tinged compositions from the extensive back catalogue of Elvis Costello. ‘Different Finger’ follows in the same successful vein, a Costello original with a classic country music theme of cheating lovers (“Please put your rings on a different finger/if you meet me tonight/’cos I can’t stand those suspicious glances/’cos I know the things they’re saying are right“).

The atmospheric Tex-Mex Spanish guitar and accordion introduction takes us straight to the dark and dingy bar on a dusty street where the liaison is taking place, and the duet between King and Dalgleish is suitably conversational in tone, while the jaunty honky tonk band arrangement, with characteristic keys from Nieve, is perfectly matched to it’s theme.

With roots in traditional country, but with a fresh feel for contemporary audiences, this is a must listen if you’re a fan of classic country male/female duets, and the fine song writing of Elvis Costello.

Review written by David Jarman
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