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Washington State native Jaime Wyatt is an artist whose career we have been following with interest here at Belles and Gals for several years ….. check here for our past interviews/reviews https://www.bellesandgals.com/?s=Jaime+Wyatt .

Her acclaimed debut EP ” Felony Blues” released in 2017 saw her draw upon her well-documented prison sentence for drug-related crimes for inspiration, and it seems that we have more ballsy, truth-telling songs to look forwards to on her forthcoming album ” Neon Cross” due for release on May 29th Stateside but sadly one we have to wait until August 21st for in the UK.

Having spent twelve years living in LA, Jaime has now relocated to Nashville and this eleven track release is her first since signing to the indie New West Records label. Produced by the legendary Shooter Jennings she says of this choice ”  he gets how to instruct a band and build a groove that is so powerful underneath a song”. Jennings also features alongside her on ” Hurt So Bad”, one of the four album tracks which are already available, as does outlaw country royalty in the form of Jessie Colter ( Jenning’s mother, of course) on the album’s trad-country feminist anthem ” Just A Woman”. Talking about the latter track, Jaime says ” I wrote ‘Just A Woman’ to advocate for the vast majority of women who have not been heard, empowered, or encouraged to be anything more than meek, selfless and beautiful” while Jessie describes it as ” a humorous admission of the age-old problem of the male and female condition”.

What we can expect from this album is best expressed by Jaime herself, who came out as gay to family and friends while confronting some hard truths about her life and past romantic relationships during her time in recovery from her drug addictions. ” I tried not to have any filter with these songs. Because I’ll be honest – it feels like I’m gonna die if I don’t tell people how I feel and who I am. It sounds so dramatic, but that’s the truth. It’s been just this gnarly, gnarly process, but one that is so human. So, there’s been a lot of turmoil and drama. But this record is a lot about rebirth, too “. 
Sounds like we have a lot to look forwards to! 
“Neon Cross” will be available across digital platforms, on compact disc, and standard black vinyl. A limited to 500 Neon Pink Coloured Vinyl edition will be available at Independent Retailers and a limited Seafoam Green Coloured Vinyl edition is available for pre-order now exclusively via NEW WEST RECORDS. For more information go to www.JaimeWyatt.com
1. Sweet Mess 
2. Neon Cross 
3. L I V I N 
4. Make Something Outta Me 
5. By Your Side 
6. Just A Woman (Featuring Jessi Colter) 
7. Goodbye Queen 
8. Mercy 
9. Rattlesnake Girl 
10. Hurt So Bad (Featuring Shooter Jennings) 
11. Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain 
Article written by Lesley Hastings (twitter.com/lesleyhastings)
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