Review – Reya Jayne’s ‘How Good You Are’

After introducing the world to her music with the release of debut single earlier this year, Reya Jayne’s second single release ‘How Good You Are’ shows us a very different side to her songwriting and vocal ability.

How Good You Are is a mid-tempo Nashville-style story of how good it feels when you are with the one that’s good for you. Reya Jayne admits that this track moves away from her autobiographical muse and finds inspiration in a fairy tale, maybe ‘too good to be true’ romance or at least that part of it where you truly feel the other person is amazing and they don’t even know it.

How Good You Are is an uplifting, hopeful and thankful song truly appreciating the ways of the other person in the relationship. With a stripped back opening verse to acoustic guitar and drums, the story opens with how they first met and the first act of kindness between them. As the story builds the whole family get involved and the instrumentation builds with electric guitar and banjo to a chorus celebrating how blessed the singer is to have their partner.

“You’re the angel on my shoulder, I’m the devil on mine

Every day as we get older, I wonder why oh why

I was blessed with the best I could get

And so much more, you don’t realise

How good you are”

Reya Jayne’s rich Country vocals and layered backing vocals are complimented by the production which has helped to give the track a millennium country feel but with a poppy edge. 

Reya’s been enjoying the pre-release round of interviews and told us “The pre-saves have been going well and I’m so excited to release this one now that I have settled into the amazing network of country music fans and musicians. As for the amazing production, Louis Takooree and I have worked together on all my singles past and present and future and I’m so happy with the way he brought this track to life.

Reya’s previous release Homeless told the story of being caught between your family home, your present location and your musical home. It’s clear from Reya’s developing style and new release that her spiritual home is Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up she admits she had an eclectic set of musical influences and took the long route to finding her guitar. However, music was always going to be part of her world and she seems to have found her feet firmly in the UK Country scene.

How Good You Are makes a great sync track for your summer days, BBQ nights and carefree drives with the ones you love. Just what the doctor ordered. Check it out and enjoy!


Review by Ann Kenney

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