EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Shae Talks New Single ‘End Of The Night’

Nashville based country crossover singer/songwriter Sydney Shae last month shared her stellar new single ‘End Of The Night’ to much critical and fan acclaim. The track marks a real musical maturity for Shae and signals the start of an exciting new era for an artist on the cusp of becoming a major breakout star.

Here we chat exclusively to Sydney Shae to discuss the new single further:

Congratulations on the new single, how excited are you about sharing this song?
I couldn’t be more over the moon about this new song!

How does it feel to be sharing new music during this time period?
It is a blessing to be able to share music during this uncertain time. I am honored to give what I can to the world through music. It is something we can all indulge in during this new challenge of daily life.

What would you say is the main inspiration behind the lyrical story of this track?
End Of The Night is a look into my exact thoughts during a terribly handled breakup in January. The boy in question just kind of disappeared without much explanation after telling me he loved me.

Can you tell us a little about the songwriting process for ‘End Of The Night’?
I journal when I am really happy or super upset, and I just so happened to jot down the hook of the song before the relationship fell apart. “We say we’re fine but we’re not alright, he didn’t say I love you tonight”. I took the chorus and melody to Trey Strange and we wrote the rest of the song that night!

How did you approach the writing session for this track, was it lyrics or melody first etc?
This one was definitely lyrics first from my journal but the melody came pretty soon after. It just fell together perfectly.

Sonically, how would you sum up the single?
Energetic, romantic, and honest. Upbeat and jam-able!

What impact are you aiming to make with this release?
I am hoping to reach more ears and to inspire new listeners.

What are you hoping your listeners take away from the song?
I hope that at least one person can relate to the track and know that they are not alone in their feelings. I hope it can be an outlet of expression for them.

What has your songwriting schedule been like whilst in quarantine?
I have been easy on myself during this time. I tried to not push myself to be creative if it didn’t flow through me. When I start to push myself on those terms, nothing amazing comes from it and it feels like work. I have been writing with new musicians through Zoom and Facetime. The creative process has definitely evolved but it has been a great experience!

Looking ahead, what else can we expect from you this year?
Lots of visual content!!! I am working on telling my stories visually as much as I am used to sonically. Also new jams!

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