Erin Enderlin Chats About Her New Single “Fishin’ In The Dark”

Those of you who are familiar with the music of Nashville resident Erin Enderlin will be aware that her passion lies with the traditional style of country music she grew up listening to in her home state of Arkansas.

An incredible songwriter in her own right, her latest release is actually a cover of one of her favourite songs, ” Fishin’ In The Dark” ( written by Wendy Waldman and Jim Photoglo) which gave The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band a number one single on both the US and Canadian country charts in1987, the song being certified platinum in 2014.
Erin has put her own stamp on this classic hit, something she told me was important for her when I asked her a few questions surrounding the release,  which you can stream/download here
1. LH Can you remember when you first heard this song, and what was is in particular that made you want to give it the “EE” treatment? It’s not the tale of heartbreak/propping up a bar/drinking whiskey/murder/cheating  I tend to associate with your own music!
EE I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know this song. I remember playing it for my friends in my high school dorm and have played at countless shows in the years since. It’s definitely a little bit different for me. I love the imagery in the song. I love the outdoors. And the song has always made me smile.  I wanted to do something different.2. LH It’s a song you co-produced alongside Alex Kline… as was “Use Me Again” on your latest album  “Faulkner County” …is that a side of things you are enjoying getting to grips with?
EE I’ve co-produced some in the past, there are definitely some interesting aspects of it.  I love being actively involved in how a song comes to life.

 3.LH  I absolutely love the arrangement, anything with that much steel and fiddle get my vote every time! Did you know instinctively and immediately how you wanted your version to sound, did it evolve once you and Alex were in the studio with the other musicians, or was there a bit of both going on?
EE Thank you!! As you know I’m a big fan of the fiddle and steel myself.  Alex and I played around with the song some beforehand.  I’d been listening to a lot of Emmylou Harris, and I love how she lays things back.  Alex started playing a half-time feel and it sort of evolved from there.  The musicians always bring so much to how a song ends up coming together.  Hearing them is so inspiring it always helps bring the song to life. 4 LH As I mentioned in the introduction, it was such a massive hit for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  When covering a song that’s been so successful do you feel any extra pressure or responsibility when it comes to reinterpreting it with regards to the writers, the band, their fans or maybe all three?
EE The fact that it’s such a massive hit definitely made me want to reimagine it a little differently – I didn’t want to just try and copy what they did.  Jeff Hanna from the Dirt Band actually played acoustic on the track and that made it extra cool.  I wanted to maintain the integrity of the song for sure, and I felt pressure to do that – but more so than pressure it was just a genuine love for the song that came through for me.

5 .LH How did that Jeff Hanna involvement come about and what was it like working alongside him, was it just a teeny bit nerve wracking?  
EE Yes!  I’ve known Jeff for awhile.  I initially met him while taking part in a panel on the NGDB’s ” Will The Circle Be Unbroken” album, and I’ve gotten to know him some through his wife Matraca Berg and playing several shows with them around town.  He has such an awesome creative energy and I just thought it’d be really fun to have him on it – he had offered at one point to play on something if I wanted – so I called him up and he said yes!

6.LH  I recognise the names of the other musicians from your previous releases, is it like reuniting a family when you all get together to play or record?
EE It definitely has a bit of that feel.  I adore being in the studio.  The musicians are so creative and so talented.  Watching a song come to life is one of my very favorite parts of what I do.  And I’ve been out on the road a ton the last few years so I don’t often get to see those folks, so yea, definitely a bit of the family reunion vibe to a session.

( Full list of credits shown below)

 7. LH  Did the current lockdown restrictions pose any particular challenges during the recording process?
EE Well, projects often take a long time to come together.  I actually recorded this track before the quarantine.  When I wanted to record “Use Me Again ” for Faulkner County, I knew I would have some extra studio time and I’d been wanting to do this song, so this was actually recorded then.8.LH  You’ve been playing some epic lifestreams for your fans, something you genuinely seem to be enjoying. Is that something you plan to continue with even when you are able to get back out on the road?
EE I’ve always enjoyed the livestream here and there – but never really thought to do full shows until the quarantine.  I think I’ll definitely continue with it – although I may not be able to do as many once touring starts back heavy.  I like being able to connect with fans in a different way and also play for fans that may not have been able to get to a show recently.9. LH And when possible, are you planning to visit us again over here in the UK?
EE Man, I would absolutely love to come back!!
LH And we’d love to have you! 
Thanks for your time today!
Track Credits
Produced by Alex Kline & Erin Enderlin
Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor
Bass: Kevin “Swine” Grantt
Acoustic Guitar: Jeff Hanna
Drums: Lonnie Wilson
Steel: Smith Curry
Harmonies: Danny Young
Engineer: Aaron Chmielewski
Assistant Engineer: Mike Stankiewicz
Mastering: Amy Brown
Studio: Sound Emporium Studios
Label: Blaster Records/Black Crow Productions
Interview conducted by Lesley Hastings (
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