Lindsay Ell Launches ‘Make You’ Movement and New Track

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Lindsay Ell has launched a powerful new track and charitable movement built from her experiences of being a survivor of sexual abuse. Co-written with Grammy nominated songwriter Brandy Clark, ‘Make You’ is the first time that Ell has addressed being a survivor of sexual abuse. The track is incredibly emotive and explores Ell’s emotional journey through the abuse she suffered as a teen.

Speaking of the track and enlisting the help of Clark, Ell says “Once I decided it was time to share my story, there was specifically one co-writer who came to mind. I called Brandy, an absolute wordsmith and songwriter genius, and asked her if she would write this song with me. She fearlessly and immediately said yes. The day we wrote ‘make you’ I knew we had written something special that will hopefully help others to not feel alone in their survival. And more personally, it was finally the moment in my life where I got to validate that little girl inside – letting her know that ‘I see her and I love her.”

Ell’s desire to speak publicly of her story comes following her meeting young survivors of sexual abuse. “Three years ago at a visit to help launch the music program at Youth For Tomorrow, I sat down in a conference room with a few girls aged 12-18 who had all been victims of rape or sex trafficking. I shared my story, they shared their stories, and I was so inspired. Walking out of that room that day I knew the time had come to share my story more widely, otherwise I would be denying myself an opportunity to connect and help other girls or boys, like those in that room. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but an incredibly necessary thing to talk about. We don’t realize how much this stuff is happening in our own community, and that is partly due to not discussing it.”

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The track released on Global Forgiveness Day (7th July), is accompanied by the launch of the Make You Movement. The movement is administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and will provide monetary benefit to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) in the US. Ell talks about the importance of not only using her voice but also of raising important funds “I believe music has the power to heal. The reason I decided to share my story at this point in my life is that I want it to be able to help a lot of people; and the best way to help people is to not only raise my voice, but to raise money in an effort to raise awareness and understanding. I want to support programs that help girls & boys who may have been victims and support safety and prevention programs that aim to keep potential victims safe. Finally writing ‘make you’ has given me the courage to not let my past decide my future, so I am taking action in order to do just that. My hope is that my actions and song will inspire the same in others.”

The track is the 3rd glimpse at the powerful upcoming album, ‘Heart Theory’, from Ell who is set to use the album as a path to the exploration of a range of emotions. Ranging from Grief to Depression and Angry, the album is set to be one of the most personal releases from an artist in the genre. The track list and stages of grief explored are outlined below alongside organisations available to provide support and assistance. 

Track listing


  1. “Hits me” (Lindsay Ell, Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder)


  1. “how good” (Lindsay Ell, Brandy Clark)
  2. “i don’t lovE you” (Adam Hambrick, Melissa Fuller, Neil Medley)


  1. “wAnt me back” (Lindsay Ell, Kane Brown, Matt McGinn, Lindsay Rimes)
  2. “get oveR you” (Lindsay Ell, Gordie Sampson, Kelly Archer)
  3. “wrong girl” (Lindsay Ell, Steph Jones, Matt McGinn, Luke Niccoli)


  1. “body language of a breakup” (Lindsay Ell, Laura Veltz, Sam Ellis)


  1. “good on you” (Lindsay Ell, Sam Ellis, Micah Premnath)


  1. “The oTHEr side” (Lindsay Ell, Jessie Jo Dillon, Matt McGinn)
  2. “gO to” (Lindsay Ell, Nicolle Gaylon, Jordan Reynolds)


  1. “make you” (Lindsay Ell, Brandy Clark)
  2. “ReadY to love” (Lindsay Ell, Jessie Jo Dillon, Matt McGinn, Joey Hyde)

Support services in the UK

The Samaritans- or call 116 123

Rape Crisis – Helpline: 0808 802 9999 (12-2:30 and 7-9:30) –


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