Bailey Hefley Discusses Her Latest Single, Inspirations and What’s Next

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Bailey Hefley is a singer-songwriter hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas but now living her musical dreams in Nashville, Tennessee. Her creative lyricism and vocal talents have led to wide praise for her previous releases and her latest release ‘Gotta Find Out’ continues this trend. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Bailey to discuss her career, find out more about her new track and some exciting news.

Liam: Hi Bailey, thank you for talking to us! You have had some brilliant successes within the past few months gaining 1.1 million plus streams on Spotify alone. Tell us a little about your journey into the music industry and how you feel about your recent success.

Bailey: Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me. I am super grateful for Spotify. It’s opening some big doors for independent artists like myself and I can’t wait to continue releasing more music. I have some fun surprises coming.

LL: In your career so far, you have been incredibly fortunate to open for a wide range of artists including Ashley McBryde, Old Dominion and Deana Carter.  How have these experiences contributed to your musical journey?

BH: I am so blessed to have opened for such amazing acts. I am beyond thankful for the experiences and the opportunity to share my music with new people.

LL: As a songwriter you have a unique skill for taking an experience or emotion and conveying it eloquently in words. How do you approach songwriting and where do your ideas for tracks come from?

BH: Thanks for saying that. I approach it differently every time, but one common denominator is that my music is always based on personal experiences. Melodies hit me out of nowhere all the time and usually come with lyrics that resemble an empty mad lib (laughs) and I like to voice memo the melody with the words included and fill in the gaps later, if I’m at say the grocery store or in the middle of cooking. I’ve always been in love with language. My grandma was an English teacher and my mom was a journalist, so I must get my fascination with the ability to tell a story in my own unique words from them. 

LL: Your brand new digital single ‘Gotta Find Out’ is a brilliantly melodic country-pop track exploring the emotions experienced with the beginning of a brand new relationship, which even name drops Beyoncé! How did the track come to fruition and did you expect the track to resonate with so many people? 

BH: Thanks for saying that! I wrote the track with two very talented women, Jamie O’Neal and Ava Suppelsa. When we wrote the song, Ava was actually headed to a first date immediately after the session so it was not hard for her to imagine those feelings we were writing about. We wrote the whole song around the opening line of the chorus, “he could be a blessin’ or a lesson,” and Ava and I bonded over the fact that we both love Beyonce, so we knew we had to include that line. The whole chorus fell out super effortlessly because Ava and I were both experiencing those feelings at the time. I like to maintain a healthy level of humility and insecurity about my writing ability to continue challenging myself, so sometimes I don’t have an overwhelming gut feeling of whether or not the song will be a success until I listen to my work tape later—I just know how it made me feel to write it. However, I immediately sent just the first verse and chorus of “Gotta Find Out” to my mom and she said it was her favorite song I’d ever written, so I thought that we might have written something special.

LL: Who inspires you as an artist and what have you been listening to during the current pandemic?

BH: I’m inspired by so many artists, but lately I’ve been listening to Avenue Beat, Halsey (especially her country single, “You Should Be Sad”), Gabby Barrett, Pink Floyd, and Lennon Stella a lot.

LL: How have you been spending your time during quarantine and have you come across any great new ideas for some new tracks?

BH: I have been writing incessantly. Spending so much time in solitude has given me more time to write alone, which is also fueling my co-writes when I’m able to bring in half finished songs. I’ve found it’s easier to write that way over zoom in many cases. Thankfully, the ideas have not stopped flowing. There is still plenty of personal experience to pull from in 2020–it is just somewhat atypical and less likely occurring in public places like bars. 

LL: Following the release of ‘Gotta Find Out’ what can we expect from you next?

BH: I am very excited to share my next single with you, it will be out very soon. Check my social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok) for the date and title announcement. 

LL: Do you have a ‘party trick’ or special talent which you can use to impress your friends?

BH: I have the wild ability to memorize lyrics almost annoyingly easily, so I have an entire library of rap lyrics in my head ready-to-go unintentionally. Confession, in high school, I actually used to mess up the words to songs on purpose sometimes so my friends wouldn’t get the idea that I sat at home memorizing lyrics to perfection (laughs).

LL: As we are ‘Belles & Gals’, we would love to find out which female artists you’re inspired by and why?

BH: Growing up, I listened to Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes a lot. In my later years I have been inspired by Maren Morris, Halsey, and many more.

LL: Where can our readers find out more about you and your music?

BH:I am very active on all of my social platforms, so please interact with me—I love it! I’m on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube under my name.

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