Emilia Quinn’s 2 Cents #4 Promotion



Seem familiar?
Now, I am not slagging off people who do this, or saying you shouldn’t promote your music, however! There are definitely better ways to go about than sending a link to an inbox with no explanation or messaging that friend’s sister’s cousin you saw that one time four years ago asking them to pre-save or buy your new music.

There are two reasons for sending your music to someone. You either want them to be a fan or you want to be featured on whatever they run, be it a live event, radio show, blog etc. And there are ways of going about this which can maximise your success. Promoting to fans and potential fans is a whole massive ball-game, which I may go into for another blog. But for the purposes of this one, I am speaking as the founder and person who runs Whiskey Kisses promotions (an events company).

I get a fair few applications coming through my inbox, with varying degrees of success. The ones that get ignored or deleted immediately are the ones that have to explanation, no greeting, just a spammy looking link dropped in. One of the most important things to remember when contacting someone you want something from, is that there is a person behind that page who is reading your message. So start with a greeting at the very least!

The next important rule is: be concise. I don’t have time to read through three lengthy paragraphs detailing where you were born, which was your favorite primary school teacher and the story of why you named your first pet banjo. I’d rather know who you are, your genre and what you want from me. This will help me decide if I need to know about your backstory.

Just as a note, I know it sounds brutal but to be totally honest, it is that brutal. I’m not here to tell you how everyone is going to love you and sugar coat the process, I’m just giving my two cents on my experience of how this all works!
So, we have a greeting and some short info on who you are, what you do and what you’re after.

Don’t be shy, I’ve gotten way better responses as an artist when I’ve stated exactly what I wanted from the person I was contacting!

Next thing you could do is include links to the most important things you want them to see, for example a live video, music recordings, your social media accounts. The majority of the time, you have to put the information right under their nose or they won’t go looking for it.

So that’s:
● Greeting
● Brief description of who you are
● What you’re after
● Important links

It may be an idea to create a package of your materials so everything is in one place, such as press shots, music, bio, social, videos and anything else you think is necessary. This way if say a blogger wanted to write about you they have all the information they need to create an article and can just crack on with it rather than wasting time going back and forth.

It is also worth checking out the best way to communicate with them. A little research goes a long way so that your sparkling promo pack doesn’t automatically fall on deaf ears. This isn’t to say you will get a response every time, but it will definitely help!

I hope you found this two cents helpful, and I will see you next time!

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