Lady Nade Becomes New Patron For Music Venue Trust

Today we are pleased to be featuring Bristol artist Lady Nade for the first time. It’s been an exciting few weeks for the indie folk/Americana singer/songwriter, who has just been announced as among the latest patrons for the fantastic Music Venue Trust who are continuing to work tirelessly to help save independent music venues in the UK hit badly by enforced closures for the majority of the year ( more information in our April article )
She is a perfect example of how important such venues are, they have played a huge part in her career both as a teenager attending shows and now as a rising talent who has been nominated for an award by the Americana Music Association UK. Her career started out with her writing poems and songs as a form of healing from grief which she went on to perform at the very venues throughout Bristol which ,alongside many more throughout the country, are now facing a battle to survive.
It was great to get the chance to ask Lady Nade a few questions about her new role, her career in general and of course about that AMAUK nomination … can really sense the passion in her answers, I am sure you’ll agree! I was particularly excited to read about the ” Lady Sings” night she speaks about, and it’s definitely an evening I will hopefully get to witness firsthand at some point when live music returns.

1. LH What an honour to be appointed a patron for such an important cause. What was your immediate reaction when you were invited to help promote the work of MVT?
LN Humbled and honoured. Grassroots Music Venues across the country have been fundamental to my development at every stage of my career.
I’m a strong believer in what you put out you get back, being able to help promote the work of MVT and help keep Grassroots venues alive is invaluable and as my work as an artist.

2. LH And in your new role, how do you propose to help spread the Trust’s message and/or raise funds for it in order to ensure the plight of grassroots music venues is kept to the forefront of people’s minds ?
LN Sharing stories of Grassroots venues where I’ve played, or supported other artists, on my social media platforms, using where possible and where safe to do so venues for my live streams and raising awareness to these venues.
During lockdown I played “Bristol Take Over” at The Kingsdown Vaults, “Folk On Foot” at St Georges Bristol and played a crowdfunded gig for the Royal Oak Bath to ensure the continuation of live music there. I also recently took part in “BBC6 T-shirt Day” bringing awareness to grassroots venue Bristol Wardrobe Theatre and the Music Venue Trust.

3. LH What are you earliest and enduring memories of attending such venues as an audience member?
LN My enduring passion and love affair with music began at the tender age of 14 under the mentoring scheme ‘Bristol Plays Music’ who gave me my first chance at performing and being involved in live music. Though the scheme I connecting with the Bristol Live Music Scene where I experienced live music for the first time by being involved in community events, from this I was introduced to Open Mics nights where I would watch for the first time live music outside the mentoring scheme. So many amazing Grass roots music venues enable this wonderful network of bringing creatives and music lovers together to share such a diverse mix of creativity.

4.LH And now, as a musician yourself, how important have they been in your career to date?
LN From community events, to open mics, from being a support and open act to being able to put on my own headline shows, to sharing the bill, come together with other artists and Bring people together to connect with my fans on a deeper level. Grass Roots Venues have been important in Every-step of my career

5. LH Do you have a particular show of yours which you have played at independent venue that holds a special place in your heart?
LN The Kingsdown Vaults Bristol is very special to me. In 2018 I launched ‘Lady Sings’, a monthly music night in particular bringing together women to foster empowerment and healing through music. Through the release of my album I was able to establish the night and over the last two years, before lockdown, I had hosted over 48 Female guests.

6. LH Finally, huge congratulations on your “Song of the Year” nomination by AMAUK with “Ain’t One Thing”. What do you hope people take away from this beautiful and powerful song?

LN Thank you! Humbled and blessed. “Ain’t One Thing” is a declaration of love and self-love, a promise never to try and change a person or oneself. It’s a tool for positive body image and mental health and well-being,  to challenge how society presents and views the physical body and celebrate all bodies regardless of physical ability, size, gender, race or appearance. 
I hope that people can take away that it is important to love themselves, as when you truly love yourself this gives you an opportunity to move through the world with a deeper compassion for others. 
“Ain’t One Thing”  is available to purchase now  and along with her 2019 album ” Safe Place” can be streamed/downloaded via all the usual platforms 
For more information/ links to her socials go to
Interview conducted by Lesley Hastings (
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