Hannah White Releases Inspiring Video for ‘Walk Beside Me’

Hannah White is back with an incredibly inspiring new single ‘Walk Beside Me’. The single features her band the Nordic Connections comprising of Lars Hammersland on Hammond organ, Ole Ludvig Krüger on drums, Svein Henning Berstad on vocals and White’s husband Keiron Marshall on acoustic and baritone guitar. Joining them on this single are Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Brien on vocals, mandolin, mandola and fiddle, and the revered, in-demand Viktor Krauss, brother of Alison, playing double bass.

It’s been a very tough past 12 months due to the Covid-19 situation, while political polarization has seen divides strenghtned in recnt years. This track from Hannah is a shout to everyone to simply care for eachother and that’s the way that problems are solved. It’s a call for unity, whether on racial, sexual or any other discriminatory grounds – we’re all one. Each successive verse sees Hannah call on brothers, sisters, neighbours and strangers to walk beside her.

This is a simply beautiful track, Hannah’s emotive vocals reaching out and making the solution to some of those problems seem so simple. In listening to the song, you’ll feel inspired to make some kind of change yourself. The accompanying video (above) only reinforces the power of the song, using the perfect combination of film footage from years past, moments of pur joy and Hannah performing the song.

Hannah White:

“’Walk Beside Me’ is about making sense and moving forward in a world with so much suffering and injustice. In my darkest moments, knowing someone out there cares, even from very far away, has more than helped me, it has saved me. This song is a celebration of the power that comes from simply loving and standing by each other, and it’s a calling to those who feel the same way.



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