Introducing Sunny Bones : Sophomore Single “Echoes Of You” Out Now.

Norwich based duo Sunny Bones have definitely tapped into the country/Americana side of their eclectic musical influences on their new single “Echoes of You”, released this week. This beautiful slow-mid tempo song, with layers of stunning guitar and steel and a driving rhythmn section, is an introspective look at the complexities of love. Dreaming of an ex leads to feelings of guilt and raises a whole barrage of questions for lead singer Helen Anderson. She’s moved on to someone more deserving, so why is her ex still on her mind… “Is it love or the just the echoes of you?” she ponders. And should she risk jeopardising her new relationship by finding out he is still thinking of her? Very strong lyrically, this highly relatable song tackles a dilemma that no doubt a lot of us have wrestled with at some point! Helen’s vocal delivery together with some lovely subtle background vocals and harmonies from her in the mix gave me define Margo Price vibes .

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Helen and her musical partner Ben Asker came to know each other through their previous band Box Of Light which saw them playing festivals such as Latitude, Green Man and Secret Garden Party. When the band split, Helen and Ben decided to collaborate on a sound that was more to their taste, drawing on influences from the wide variety of music they both love without worrying if their sound was “cool” . No surprise then that their 2020 debut single was titled “Be Cool”, written about someone trying to fit in at the expense of being true to themselves (the concept reflected in the accompanying video) which is another extremely honest write with country undertones in its overall groovy vibe.

I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Sunny Bones… something I’ll hopefully find out about in our upcoming interview.
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