Paula O’Reilly gives us the full Nashville feel with her new single ‘Speechless’!

Paula O’Reilly’s latest release is “Speechless”, the first single of her album (due out in Autumn 2021). Paula lives and works out of County Wexford in Ireland and this latest track has been getting some cool attention and air play in Ireland, Australia and the UK. As a seasoned singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a powerful vocalist Paula has missed live performances over the lockdowns, but for country audiences this has meant she has had time to put together a body of work for our enjoyment to be released across 2021. 

Paula, originally from North Yorkshire, cites her influences as ranging from Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, and Ashley McBryde. Working with Dave Arkins of Crookedwood Studios, County Meath, the full Nashville style production on this new track bodes well for the full album and what we hope will be more live gigs over the next few months and beyond.

Speechless begins as an illustration of the perfect world of finding your home with that special someone, being enraptured by their company and believing that this is a forever thing. The acoustic intro and ballad vibe of the first verse builds intimacy, but as you hear the strings coming in you know a melancholy turn is coming. Sure enough, the pre chorus lets us know that there is a unexpected extra in this relationship and a sense of urgency is brought with the electric guitar and drums. As we move into the chorus the heartbreak comes as the realisation of the reality versus the dream leaves her speechless.


The way the music production rises and falls around the strong melodies creates the perfect backdrop for Paula’s sensitive yet powerful vocals as the story unfolds. The twists and turns of the narrative digs deeper in the second verse towards the intense electric guitar solo at the bridge – all of which Paula’s vocals continue to be a great match for.

“Didn’t know there was something wrong til you

called out her name

in one second I knew I’d be

never the same


I’m nearly breaking, I’m on my knees

This has taken hold of me

This time it’s over, so don’t pretend

I’m in pieces, I am speechless

 but I’ll be alright in the end”

 The traditional country production and big vocals of Paula’s new release would certainly fill the dancefloors as we look forward to celebrating music together once more. Check out Paula’s socials for more details about this single and more music coming. Speechless is released on Saturday 15th May with the official Speechless music video release at 7pm on Youtube.




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