Melanie Meriney’s ‘Cool Girl’ – Out Now!

Fans of Belles and Gals will know all about Melanie Meriney from her excellent ‘Notes From Nashville’ series that were a real popular feature on the site. Melanie’s music has also featured regularly and it was fantastic to see that she has a new single out. ‘Cool Girl’ is a co-write with Krista Angelucci, a track they wrote together in Key West a few years ago.

Melanie Meriney:

We had been discussing the book “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and there’s a quote in there that talks about what a “cool girl” is – a girl that agrees with everything a guy says, is perfect, hot, and accommodating. While not all guys think this way, the notion was pretty funny to us, so we were inspired to write a song about what guys think they want from a girl, when in actuality, a girl that challenges them is so much better.

The song has a fantastic pop-country vibe, with a nice slice of sass thrown in. Lyrics such as, ‘You want somebody who ain’t gonna call you on your shit, When your phone light up at two am won’t ask you who it is‘ give a good insight into the feel of the song. You can almost hear the Melanie raising her eyebrows as she questions whether the subject of the song had indeed found the ‘cool girl’. The production has a real 2021 feel, with an appealing freshness to the proceedings – this could well be a windows down kind of listen for the impending summer.

This is another fantastic release from Nashville based Melanie Meriney and it’s great to see her back!


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