Biddy Ronelle to Release ‘D.R.I.N.K’ 19/06/21

You won’t get many heavier rock anthems in the sphere of country music this year than ‘D.R.I.N.K’. Biddy Ronelle is drawing on her roots for this party track that she hopes will provide the soundtrack to a lockdown-free summer. But even if restrictions remain, there is still plenty of hardcore head-banging that can take place (against a brick wall or otherwise) such is the metal-inspired sound of this latest single. It will also be her last as a solo artist, as she moves with trusted band member and producer Stu Magru et al into a new era as Biddy and The Bullets.

This next chapter is already opening as the last one closes if ‘D.R.I.N.K’ is anything to go by though. There are echoes of Iron Maiden in its intro, early Pink in the vocals, and a hint of Kezia Gill in the catchy and powerfully delivered chorus. Much like her EP ‘Aftershocks’, Biddy manages to present a contemporary sound that allows for clarity of lyrics, honouring country music’s songwriting tradition whilst at the same time being unafraid to go all-out with the instrumentation. ‘D.R.I.N.K’ is a sure-fire sign that the next stage in Biddy Ronelle’s career is going to be a good one.

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