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Belles & Gals is honored to bring you an interview with country star, Casi Joy. She is a special artist full of inspiration, love, and compassion. From her journey on The Voice to sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in country music, she’s had many life-changing experiences. Now, read on to be inspired by our interview with Casi Joy.

Hi, Casi, thank you so much for this interview with Belles & Gals. You’ve had an incredible journey so far. Can you begin by sharing what music means to you?

Thank you so much for having me! Music is honestly my end all be all for everything in life. It’s how I express myself internally and externally whether I’m writing it or listening. Music is so powerful in how there’s always a song for every single moment in time. It’s always there to be in that moment with me. There’s nothing else in this world that can bring people together like music can, and I’m so very grateful that my world revolves around something so impactful. My passion and constant goal is to hopefully contribute to that. 

You had an outstanding experience on The Voice, which began with all four chairs turning and Rolling Stone naming your blind audition one of the ten best of the show. What is the biggest lesson you learned from being on The Voice? How does it continue to be part of your musical journey today?

I learned so much during my journey on The Voice, and am so grateful for the experience! One of the biggest takeaways were the vocal lessons I got on the show. We’re all assigned a vocal coach, and mine truly helped me with some serious vocal issues I was having. I still use the warmup she made for me to this day! She also had me singing through straws as a pre-warm up, which I LIVE by now! I never go anywhere without my straws!

It must have been truly incredible being on Blake Shelton’s team as a country artist. What is the most valuable piece of advice that Blake shared with you that you could give to all the aspiring country artists out there?

I learned from Blake how important solidifying your brand is as an artist. He helped me to figure out where I fit in with country music, and how to really dive into that lane! There’s nothing like getting advice from someone who’s truly “made it” in this industry!

The Stories Behind Casi Joy’s Latest Music

In May, you released your latest single, Namaste.” What inspired this song? What does this single mean to you?

I was actually in the car with my husband, Bryan, who I run all my song ideas by.. I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but Bry mentioned making the word namaste into a pun of “nah I’mma stay,” and it was off to the races! I ended up finishing the song with my friends Zach and Michelle Hord, where we decided to make it a fun breakup song! We were talking about breakups, and how we’ve never had to deal with the big issues like a custody battle, who gets the house, etc. But who gets the bar?! And if your ex walks into said bar when it’s your night to be there, are you gonna leave? Or are you gonna stand your ground, and stay right here and drink this beer?! It was one of the most fun co-writes I’ve ever had, and I’m so happy with how the song turned out!

“Namaste” is a country anthem! Watch Casi Joy in the official music video. 


Your most recent collection of songs is your EP, The Bright Side, which was released in 2019. As a whole, what is the message you hope this EP expresses? If you could choose only one song that means the most to you, which one of the five would it be and why?

I wrote this EP while going through quite a personal growth journey of shifting my mindset toward an attitude of gratitude. There is always a bright side to be found, even in the darkest of situations, so I wanted to release an entire project showing that. There are songs of love, loss, and even death, but they all shine a light on what we still have to be grateful for. The song from the EP that means the most to me would have to be “Macklyn Sky.” I wrote that song after we lost one of my biggest fans in a car accident. Macklyn was only 5 years old, but she lived so big while she was here. I wanted to give her a tribute, and also give my hometown a song to remember all her beautiful colors; one that would make us all smile instead of cry. She would have wanted us to all see some sort of bright side like she did.

Casi Joy’s golden heart shines in the story behind “Macklyn Sky.” Join her in honoring Macklyn’s beautiful colors and spirit by watching the official tribute video.


The Life-Changing Memories and Joy’s Advice

You’ve shared the stage with country stars, including Maren Morris and Carly Pearce. Do you have a favorite memory from performing with a star? If you could choose one artist you have yet to take the stage with, who would it be and why?

One of my favorite memories was when I got to open for Buckcherry and Finger Eleven in Canada, which, yes, was a very odd bill being that I’m a country artist! What was so cool about the show was how into ALL types of music the Canadian fans were! It didn’t even phase them that the show went from me yodeling right into heavy rock music! It was also one of the best times I’ve ever had getting to hang out with the bands after the show! Another special memory was playing with Craig Morgan for his foundation. I got to spend quite a bit of time with him, and he was the most helpful, down to earth guy! He gave me a signed bottle of his wine that I’ve vowed not to open until the time is right! Lastly, an artist I’d be over the moon to share the stage with is Taylor Swift! She’s one of the greatest songwriters of our generation, and continuously inspires me!

Over the years, you’ve built a very strong social media presence. As an artist, how do you feel social media has impacted your career? During times when you may feel overwhelmed from social media, what are your tips to step away and put your mental health first?

Social media has been one of the biggest blessings in my career. It gives me the ability to share my life with my fans around the world, and really connect with them on a deep level. However, I do try to take time away from social media when I can. It’s a personal rule that I don’t look at my phone for at least 30 minutes after I wake up, which has really helped my mental state! Waking up to other people’s drama on newsfeeds, or emails you have to get to before your feet even hit the floor is the worst way to start your day! Instead, I now start with a gratitude journal and snuggles with my doggies.

Aside from shining as an artist, you’ve been songwriting as well. How has being a songwriter shaped your artistry? 

I’ve been writing songs since I was in third grade, and it’s always been a form of therapy for me. It’s the main way I express myself, and is always so healing. Even when I co-write, it usually turns into either a therapy session or the almost die from laughing moment I had been needing. I write from the heart, and from experience, and it means the world to be able to release music that heals others the way that music has always healed my heart.

You have done a considerable amount of charity work as an advocate for children and animals over the years. Is there a particular experience that stands out and holds an extra special place in your heart? Also, do you have any more plans in place to use your musical talent to continue this passion?

A memory that stands out is when I went and played for my mom’s classroom of children with special needs. I sat on the carpet with them and sang songs like “Baby Shark,” “Tim the Tiny Turtle,” songs from Frozen, and more. It was such a special experience seeing music bring those kids so much joy. Even for the children who were non-verbal, music was a language we all spoke. Sometimes the smallest stages are the most magical!

Next on the Journey

Belles & Gals, and the rest of the world, is looking forward to all that is in store for you. If you can share, what is next?

I’ve got a busy summer ahead of me with tons of tour dates, and of course new music! It’s so good to be back on the road and in the bus, and I’m so excited to connect with my fans again! 

You heard it right from Casi Joy. She has new music on the way, and she’s hitting the road this summer. The team here at Belles & Gals are so glad she shared her story and inspiration with us. If you’d like to stay up to date with all of Casi Joy’s tour and upcoming music, head over to her website.

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