Jenny Tolman Issues A Warning In Fun New Single “I Know Some Cowboys”

It’s been over two years since Nashville born Jenny Tolman gave us her debut album, “There Goes The Neighborhood“, a concept album based around the characters living in the fictional town of Jennyville. Its 13 tracks, all of which Jenny has writing credits on, are often hilarious but also at times very poignant, the album being a wonderful introduction to this phenomenal artist and earning her well deserved critical acclaim from many quarters.
And it seems we don’t have much longer to wait for the follow up, which judging by the lead single “I Know Some Cowboys” which dropped last Friday will continue to demonstrate what a gem of a writer and vocalist Jenny is. She was inspired to write it after observing the gallant behaviour of cowboys while she was on her first tour of Texas, which included them opening doors for her, carrying her gear and tipping their hats to her. It was co-written with her producer (and now husband, congratulations to you both!) Dave Brainard and their friend Bill Whyte (the three also have a collaboration on Jenny’s first album) and when you’ve heard it I’m sure you won’t be surprised you to know that it’s apparently been going down a storm at her live shows.
The fun, uptempo track comes with a warning to fellas not to take their ladies for granted… because if they don’t treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve there’s plenty more fish in the sea (or cowboys in the bar!) who will. On first listen I was immediately transported to a Texan bar with its neon signs and couples two-stepping on the dance floor, not to mention of course the rugged yet gentlemanly cowboys in their jeans, boots, checked shirts and stetsons who impressed Jenny so much. The arrangement is absolute perfection, drums driving the energetic track along throughout, some amazing lead guitar, honky-tonk piano and lashings of fiddle… what a toe tapper! The lyrics cleverly incorporate numerous Western references and can’t help to put a smile on your face, lines such as “bet they can rodeo all night” and “if you don’t two – step up your game” among my favourite.

It certainly bodes well for Jenny’s sophomore album, and of course as soon as there’s any more news in that regard we will let you know.
Meanwhile “I Know Some Cowboys” is available to stream/download here

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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