Kate Ellis takes part in Inspiring Wonderland Project

We’re delighted to feature Kate Ellis again today, with her inspiring ‘Wonderland Project’. The project is inspired by the following quote from Scottish poet, Nan Shepherd in 1940:

Living all the way through:

to touching, tasting, smelling, and hearing the world.

If you manage this, then you might walk ‘out of the body and into the mountain’,

such that you become, briefly, ‘a stone…the soil of the earth.

Th project is a collaboration between Kate and Geraldine van Heemstra, where between them they use art to inspire change. The aim was to give a musical and artistic voice to the environmental rallying cry for urgent government action to protect our planet at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP 26) in November 2021.

Kate Ellis and the Wonderland Project:

Folk-Americana singer-songwriter Kate Ellis was inspired to write the song ‘Wonderland’ by a walk in a London park when she glimpsed flashes of how alive, powerful, and beautiful nature is and how indivisibly connected to it we are. in Kate’s words: “Wonderland’ is about how perceiving nature in a viscerally connected way gives us a deeper appreciation of it and a deeper sense of loss for what we’re putting at risk. Geraldine’s art is the perfect visual expression of the song.”

Geraldine van Heemstra and the Wonderland Project:

A member of the Wilderness Art Collective, artist Geraldine van Heemstra’s work is inspired by intangibility and emotion in the shape, sound, and movement of the natural world. “What attracted me to this collaboration is how Kate’s music communicates the powerful emotional connection we have to nature. We are both responding instinctively to changing colours and patterns of the intangible natural world that is speaking through us in different mediums.”

Find out more about the Wonderland Project here:




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