Ingrid Andress Explores Self-Growth and Evolution On New Song “Seeing Someone Else”

Seeing Someone Else“, the latest single from 3X Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Ingrid Andress, is not the cheating song that its title and first few lines would lead you to believe. No, its writers (Ingrid alongside Derrick Sutherland and Jesse Frasure) have cleverly crafted a song that turns out to be about how people evolve during a relationship, whether their partner wants them to or not. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that the person you fell for initially has changed, but denying it is not healthy for either party. “I think you’re seeing who I used to be, I bet you wish I was the girl that you met out in a bar making a mess of 23… you know you’re hanging on to historyIngrid tells her partner as she confronts them in this fantastic power ballad.

Talking about the write, Ingrid says “Some people want to keep you exactly where you are for as long as possible, even if it’s hurting you. Sometimes you don’t even realise it’s happening. But then one day you wake up and decide the person they want you to be isn’t you anymore, so you pack your shit and break free from their grip“. She continues “This song has truly become one of my favourites from the new music, and I hope it makes you feel as liberated as I felt when writing it“.
The single is the second taste of what’s to come from Ingrid’s highly anticipated upcoming sophomore album, and as with the lead single “Good Person“, released last month and which she performed live on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (watch HEREIngrid has taken on the role of co-producer alongside Canadian Sam Ellis. And it seems that the track’s genre-pushing production was as liberating for her as its writing. As she explains “Writing this song was very transformative for me and I wanted the production to reflect that and represent the music that I listen to and am constantly inspired by. ‘Seeing Someone Else’ was one of there moments on the record where I went a little ‘ mad scientist’ and was like ‘ okay what would it sound like if we add some deep synth here, keep pedal steel there. but have an acoustic guitar here?”

Ingrid also showcases her feelings visually on the single’s official video through a mirage of grainy VHS footage that follows her through illuminated nighttime cityscapes ad dive bars. The end clip shows her watching footage of herself and reflecting on her personal journey, revealing an inspiring new sense of self-awareness and independence.

There’s as yet no further details about the album, but Ingrid is going to be kept very busy in the coming months as after performing in Nashville during the CMA Music Festival next month she is heading out on the road with Keith Urban for his 52-date North American ‘The Speed of Now World Tour‘. 
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Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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