Samantha Lloyd – Now that You’re Gone EP Review


This EP by Samantha Lloyd has been out a few months now, but I only came across it quite recently and it has quickly become one of my favourite listens, so I just had to write about it!

The opening track to the EP is the title song (check out the video below) and is the perfect start, a song about a relationship with someone who is definitely the ‘wrong guy’ and how she came out the other end better. It’s clear from this first track that Samantha puts her heart and soul into her writing, while also managing to create that great song too.

“Goodbye Lullaby” is up next, this song both upbeat and refreshing, while being particularly catchy too, the kind of song where you’ll happily hit repeat again and again. The next song on the EP is ‘Heartbreak at 22″. It starts with some great guitar work and then Samantha launches into the song. This song really shows off Samantha’s vocal ability, while you can really hear the emotion in her voice when singing, not easy to do in an upbeat number such as this one. “Heartbreak at 22” is a real highlight for me and immediately made it onto our Belles and Gals playlist this month – I cannot wait to hear this live.

“Cinderella Story” is a song about striving for that perfect relationship and not taking second best. This is another really catchy number and throughout the song you find yourself willing for this story to come true, especially after hearing the opening tracks.

“Everybody Can’t Be Wrong” was the first song we featured from Samantha on Belles and Gals (video below). This is an absolutely beautiful, slightly haunting, slower song that can be difficult to listen to at times, although listen you must. This song would grace any EP.

The record is nicely rounded off with “Catch a Ride”, a real upbeat number where she asks “Could You Be The One For Me?” and much like “Cinderella Story” you feel yourself on the side of the singer.

The “Now That You’re Gone” EP as a whole is simply brilliant. You buy some music and you find a nice mix of different standalone songs, but here each track makes part of the whole and you find yourself appreciating the songs and the emotions more after hearing each preceding song. Samantha Lloyd has a fantastic voice too and there is little doubt that this is just the start for the Stoke based singer songwriter. I can’t wait to hear more.

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