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shania_twain_157306793-x600Country music legend Shania Twain is gearing up for the release of her first studio album in 15 long years. The as-yet untitled LP is due for release in the Spring, and is the first album release from Twain since her global smash-hit ‘Up!’  way back in 2002.
The reason it has taken so long for Shania Twain to release a new album is because of her voice box problems that have blighted her career since the early noughties. Thankfully she has found her voice again and is now ready to put out new music for her loyal fans around the world.
Her last album was the live CD back in 2015 which featured songs from her Las Vegas show ‘Still The One’, but this new release will feature all new materiel.
Speaking to Rolling Stone about the eagerly anticipated record the 51-year-old revealed song titles, release date, and first single details.
She has announced that while the album is still yet to have a title she is hoping to release it this May, while the first single off the record is due in March. So fans have less than a month to wait for new music from the multi Grammy Award winner.
Twain also revealed three song titles off the new LP: ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl?’, ‘We Got Something The Don’t’, and ‘Swinging With My Eyes Shut’.
Talking to RS about ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl’ Twain said:  “It’s about feeling unappreciated and knowing that you are secondary. Having to live with someone that has different priorities and accepting that you’re not the most important thing in a person’s life.”
Speaking about ‘Swinging With My Eyes Closed’, Shania revealed: “The fighter in me wrote that song. I was thinking of a boxer taking a swing, or a baby first coming out with his eyes and fists closed. They can’t even see yet and they’re swinging with their eyes closed.”
And talking of ‘We Got Something The Don’t’ Shania said: “I was sick in a hotel room and there was Major League Baseball going on just below the hotel in the dome. I was bummed out that I couldn’t go there and enjoy the game, so I wrote this song about the winning team and what I would feel like and I just got into the spirit of the game. It’s about feeling like a champion.”
The tone of many of the tracks has changed dramatically during the LP’s long road to completion:  “Most of them started off quite melancholy and a lot darker. ‘Swinging With My Eyes Closed’ was totally dark at the beginning. It’s just all of a sudden the light went on and there was light as well as darkness. There’s a lot of songs that have that contrast on it that maybe are too subtle for the listener to even realise.”
We cannot wait for March for the release of Shania Twain’s new single!
Article written by Laura K.

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